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Hogwarts Legacy Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Guide

Revelio! Hogwarts Legacy guide is the best tips and tricks and interactive map. We described all the Field Guide Pages, Merlin Trails, main and side quests, house selection. We present list of potions, spells and beasts, system requirements, controls.

Last update: Thursday, April 20, 2023

Our guide to Hogwarts Legacy will help you with every aspect of the game. The walkthrough contains all main missions, tasks and side activities. It also features locations of all Merlin Trials, Field Guide Pages and chests. Our interactive maps will help you with this. We explain how to develop your character and learn new spells.

Hogwarts Legacy: Guide content

On the first pages of the Hogwarts Legacy guide, you will find information about the basic gameplay mechanics. Beginner's guide will help you master the most important elements of the game and see the most common mistakes made by novice magicians. You will find out what magical creatures you will encounter on your path, or check the list of spells and potions.

In the FAQ section, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. We explain when you can make a manual save and whether Quidditch is in the game. You will find out how to choose 1 out of the 4 houses in Hogwarts and whether the game has microtransactions.

The guide ends with an appendix in which we have described topics like the game's editions and release date. There you will find a list of supported languages and information about the game's length. You will find out what are the minimum and recommended system requirements for PC and what graphics settings Hogwarts Legacy has.

Hogwarts Legacy: Tips and tricks

  1. Use the Revelio spell to examine the area. Thanks to it, you can discover secrets, interactive objects or doors with a lock to disarm.
  2. The enchanted compass will easily guide you to your destination. It is especially helpful at Hogwarts, because the castle is a complex and multi-level structure.
  3. Open as many chests as possible. In addition to secrets, you can find, e.g. gold and new gear that will increase your stats.
  4. Complete side quests. They can be a good way to get XP, but you can also get unique rewards (e.g. new outfits or even new spells).
  5. Collect as many Field Guide pages as possible. Each page you find rewards you with a little bit of XP, and there are several hundred of them waiting to be collected.

More tips can be found on a separate page of the guide: Tips and Tricks.

Hogwarts Legacy: Basics

  1. Room of Requirement - here you will be able to identify objects, grow plants and raise beasts. We explain when you will get access to the Room of Requirement and how to add more rooms. You will also learn how to get Moonstone and how to decorate rooms.
  2. Houses - here we describe the sorting ceremony. You will read how to choose 1 of the 4 Hogwarts Houses and you will find out what are the differences in the gameplay and plot depending on the selected House.
  3. Difficulty levels - the game has 4 difficulty levels. We explain when you can change the difficulty level.
  4. List of all potions - this page has a list of potions available in Hogwarts Legacy. You will learn how to brew potions and how to get ingredients.

Hogwarts Legacy: Character progression

  1. Leveling up - check out this page if you want to know how to gain experience points. We also explain how to increase your character's stats
  2. Best talents - if you don't know which talents to buy, check out our guide. We suggest which upgrades to buy first.
  3. Character creator - here we present a short guide on how to create your own character in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: List of main quests, walkthrough

Below you will find a list of all the main quests in Hogwarts Legacy. They are required to complete the main storyline.

  1. The Path to Hogwarts - This is a prologue quest in which the protagonist and Professor Fig go through the ruins. You will learn, e.g. how to use the basic spell and Revelio, how to discover the secret of the statue, how to defeat the sentries and when you can choose a House.
  2. Welcome to Hogwarts - You will get to know the castle and the dormitory of the selected House. We explain, e.g. what activities are available in the common room, how to unlock the Guide, how to get a Guide page and how to use the Floo Flames.
  3. Charms Class - On this page, we have described Professor Ronen's class. You will learn how to unlock the Accio spell and how to defeat Natsai in the mini-game of pulling orbs using magic.
  4. Defence Against the Dark Arts Class - This is a class taught by Professor Hecat. You will learn when the Levioso spell is unlocked and how to defeat Sebastian in a duel using the levitation spell.
  5. Weasley After Class - This is a smaller main quest in which you meet Professor Weasley. You will find out when you can meet Weasley and what the choice of a companion for a trip to Hogsmeade is about.
  6. Welcome to Hogsmeade - This is an important mission from the trip to Hogsmeade with a previously selected companion. We inform, among others, what stores you should visit in Hogsmeade, how to unlock your own wand, how to defeat the boss - an armored Troll, and how to repair the damage after the battle.
  7. The Locket's Secret - this page describes a short quest undertaken along with Professor Fig.
  8. Secrets of the Restricted Section - you will travel to restricted areas of Hogwarts. We will help you complete this quest.
  9. Tomes and Scrolls - another short quest featuring Professor Fig. This time you'll receive mail from other professors.
  10. Herbology Class - the first task about obtaining plants. You will learn the use of Chinese Chomping Cabbage - a support item available in the Tool Wheel.
  11. Potions Class - in the potions class, you will learn the recipe for Wiggenweld Potion and Edurus Potion.
  12. The Girl from Uagadou - in this quest, you will meet Natty in Lower Hogsfield.
  13. Merlin Trials - you will meet Nora Treadwell, who will explain what Merlin Trials are and help you solve the first puzzle.
  14. The Hunt for the Missing Pages (Gryffindor) - we describe the quest exclusive for Gryffindor House. You will learn how to get rotten roast beef for Nearly Headless Nick.
  15. Scrope's Last Hope (Slytherin) - here you can read where to find Scrope's 3 notes and how to unlock the secret area in the grotto. This quest is exclusive to Slytherin House.
  16. Ollivander's Heirloom (Ravenclaw) - we explain how to find 5 bird sculptures in the Owlery in this Ravenclaw House quest.
  17. Jackdaw's Rest - step by step, we will guide you to Jackdaw's tomb. We explain the puzzles with the buttons in the tomb, we describe the fight with the guardians and how to get to the Map Chamber.
  18. Flying Class - in these classes, you will unlock flying on a broom. We described how to buy the first broom in Hogsmeade.
  19. Room of Requirement - this is a quest in which you will unlock the Evanesco and the Conjuring spells. You will be able to brew your potions and grow plants.
  20. In the Shadow of the Undercroft - you will discover the Undercroft and learn a new spell, Confringo. Sebastian will introduce you to Ominis Gaunt.
  21. The Map Chamber - you will visit the Map Chamber again and go on a new quest.
  22. Percival Rackham's Trial - we have described all the puzzles in the First Trial. We explain how to defeat the animated statues and how to defeat the boss, the Pensieve Guardian.
  23. The Caretaker's Lunar Lament - in this quest, you will learn Alohomora, a spell that opens locks. You will also unlock the option to collect Demiguise Statues, which will allow you to learn Alohomora II and Alohomora III.
  24. Beasts Class - the first introduction to the magical beasts in the game. You will unlock a brush and beast feed.
  25. The Helm of Urtkot - Collector's Cave quest. We explain all the moth puzzles and where to find the helmet in the Dark Wizards' camp.
  26. The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom - here you will learn how Nab-Sack works. You will build a loom, thanks to which you will learn how to apply attributes to clothes.
  27. In the Shadow of the Estate - in this quest, you will meet Sebastian's sister in Feldcroft. After the fight with the goblins, you will have to explore the basement and find new traces.
  28. The High Keep - in this quest, you will meet Natty in front of Falbarton Castle. We explain how to climb walls using Wingardium Leviosa.
  29. Astronomy Class - in this short quest, you will unlock Astronomy Tables, one of the collectibles in the game.
  30. Back on the Path - here you will meet Professor Fig again in the Map Chamber. You can read here when the quest with the expedition to Rookwood's castle will be unlocked.
  31. Charles Rookwood's Trial - description of the Second Trial in Rookwood's Castle. We explain how to solve the puzzles in the castle and how to defeat the next Pensieve Guardian.
  32. Fire and Vice - this is the first quest with Poppy Sweeting. The girl helps you infiltrate the mercenary camp and the tent with dragon fights. We suggest how to steal the dragon egg and how to free the dragon.
  33. In the Shadow of the Mine - a quest in which you will have to get into the mine. Our tips will help you get the second canvas for the triptych.
  34. Its all Gobbledegook - this quest will take you through the goblin mine. We explain how to obtain the documents necessary to discover Ranrok's plans and how to light bonfires under the cauldrons.
  35. The Headmistress Speaks - in this short quest, you will talk to the portrait of Niam Fitzgerald.
  36. The Polyjuice Plot - a quest with a potion that will turn you into Professor Black. We explain how to get Polyjuice Potion and how to find out the password to the principal's office.
  37. Niam Fitzgerald's Trial - After getting into the principal's office and finding the book, you'll go through death town to complete the trial of the Stone.
  38. In the Shadow of the Mountain - here you will find tips on how to reach the coast and get the last fragment of the canvas.
  39. Lodgok's Loyalty - in this quest, you go through the mine to find Lodgok.
  40. San Bakar's Trial - in the final trial, you will have to defeat the Lord of the Shore. We suggest how to tame Garborog and how to enter the last Pensieve chamber.
  41. Wand Mastery - we describe how to get the wand necessary to enter the final repository. Our tips will help you in the fight against Victor Rookwood.
  42. The Final Repository - in this quest, you go to the repository and have a final fight with Ranrok. We explain the game's 2 different endings.
  43. Weasley's Watchful Eye - in this quest, Professor Weasley sums up your achievements in the game.
  44. The House Cup - the end of the school year ceremony and the end of the game's main storyline.

Hogwarts Legacy: List of side quests

Below is a list of all the side quests you can do in Hogwarts Legacy. Side quests are divided into several categories in the journal and we used a similar division in the guide.


  1. Professor Ronen's Assignment - This is the first assignment received from this professor. You'll find out when the quest is unlocked, how to catch flying pages, how to unlock the Reparo spell, and how to use it to repair objects.
  2. Professor Hecat's Assignment 1 - you'll learn how to prevail during Crossed Wands and the Incendio spell.
  3. Professor Hecat's Assignment 2 - an assignment in which you have to dodge 10 enemy attacks and use Incendio 5 times. The reward for completing the quest is the Expelliarmus spell.
  4. Professor Sharp's Assignment 1 - in this quest, you will learn how to obtain the Focus, Edurus and Maxima potions. You will learn the Depulso spell.
  5. Professor Garlick's Assignment 1 - complete this quest to learn the Wingardium Leviosa spell. Our walkthrough will help you get the Venomous Tentacula and Mandrake. You will find out where to buy a large pot.
  6. Professor Weasley's Assignment - a quest in which you will learn the Transfiguration spell. After collecting the Field Guide Pages, return to Professor Weasley.
  7. Professor Howin's Assignment - a quest with catching Diricawl and a giant purple toad. After completing the assignment, you will learn the Bombard spell.

Side quests - Hogwarts

  1. Like a Moth to a Frame - You'll receive this quest from Lenora Everleigh in Hogwarts. We inform how to discover the secret of the painting, where to find the moth, how to lead it to the empty painting and what the minor choice at the end of the quest is about.
  2. Flying Off the Shelves - You'll receive this quest from Cressida Blume in Hogwarts. We explain how to catch books flying around the library and what to do when you return to Cressida with the books.
  3. Cache in the Castle - You'll receive this quest from Arthur Plummly in Hogwarts. We have described all the clues from the treasure map received from Arthur - the skeleton, the fountain and the painting. Our walkthrough will help you find the secret treasure.
  4. Interior Decorating - a quest in which you will learn an Altering spell that allows you to edit the items and appearance of the Room of Requirement. You will add new decorations and get access to more rooms.
  5. The Man Behind the Moons - quest with collecting Demiguise Statues and learning Alohomora II and Alohomora III spells. With these spells, you will be able to open all the locks in the game.
  6. The Tale of Rowland Oakes - a quest in which you will have to find ruins on Rowland's map. We explain how to open the round door in the furnace room and where to find Rowland's wand.
  7. The Hall of Herodiana - a quest with Depulso puzzles. We suggest how to get all the rewards.
  8. Crossed Wands - on this page you will learn how to win all 3 rounds of wand fights. After the final battle, you will receive the Crossed Wands Champion Garb.
  9. Ghost of Our Love - you'll learn how to solve the assignment featuring a treasure map and levitating candles.

Side quests - Hogsmeade

  1. Flight Test - a quest about a broom upgrade and competition in which you will have to pass Imelda Reyes' time trial. We explain where to buy and upgrade brooms.
  2. Sweeping the Competition - another quest with a broom upgrade. You will have to pass another time trial, this time in Irondale.
  3. The Sky is the Limit - the last quest from Albie Weekes of Hogsmeade. You have to finish another time trial on the broom.
  4. A Friend in Deed - quest received from Sirona Ryan. You will visit the cave with the Mountain Troll, where you will recover the letters for Sirona.
  5. Minding Your Own Business - PlayStation exclusive side quest. We will guide you through the library and the Atrium in Fastidio's haunted house. You will learn how to solve puzzles with lanterns and doors.
  6. Venomous Revenge - in this quest, you will sneak into a basement to get a Venomous Tentacula. The reward for completing the quest is the Dragonhide Herbologist Gloves.
  7. Follow the Butterflies - a quest in which the butterflies will lead you to the Forbidden Forest and a treasure chest. After completing the quest, you will unlock all the butterflies in the game, thanks to which you will find more collectibles.

Relationship side quests - Natty

  1. The Lost Child - in this quest, you will help Natty find Archie. In the enchanted tent you will fight Ashwinders and Catrin Haggarty.
  2. A Basis for Blackmail - in the next quest with Natsai Onai, you will search the Ashwinder' hideout under the Hog's Head pub. Our guide will help you find a love letter and a book of poems.
  3. Harlow's Last Stand - a short mission in which you will face a large group of Ashwinders and Harlow. After completing this mission and talking to Natty, you will unlock The Avengig Gazelle Gazelle trophy.

Relationship side quests - Sebastian

  1. In the Shadow of the Study - in this quest with Sebastian, you will be able to learn the Crucio spell. We explain how to get into Salazar Slytherin's scriptorium and how to solve puzzles with doors and snake statues.
  2. In the Shadow of Time - another quest with Sebastian, in which you will learn the Imperio spell. We explain how to deal with the bone door and how to search the catacombs.
  3. In the Shadow of the Relic - here you can learn the Avada Kedavra spell. We explain how to defeat Inferi and Solomon Sallow.

Relationship side quests - Poppy

  1. Poached Egg - this is the first side mission with Poppy Sweeting. On this page you will learn how to avoid the dragon's attacks and get to its lair.
  2. The Centaur and the Stone - in the next quest with Poppy you will explore the cave searching for Moonstone. We explain how to solve puzzles with moths.
  3. A Bird in the Hand - here you can read how to solve the puzzle with symbols and the door to the Snidgets hideout.

Hogwarts Legacy: List of secrets and collectibles

If you want to get all the collectibles and find the hidden content of Hogwarts Legacy, check out the list of secrets and collectibles below. We have divided all the collectibles according to their types, and we have also described the types of secrets available in the game.


  1. Demiguise Statues - This page will help you find all 10 statues at Hogwarts. You need Demiguise Statues to obtain Alohomora II and Alohomora III.
  2. Collection chests part 1 - here are the locations of the treasure chests hidden in the castle.
  3. Collection chests part 2 - the rest of the collectible chests in Hogwarts.
  4. Depulso puzzle room 1 - on this page, we explain all puzzles with blocks that you can move with Depulso and Accio spells.
  5. Depulso puzzle room 2 - here you can read how to move the blocks to go through all 3 rooms in the secret room with puzzles.

Field Guide Pages in Hogwarts

  1. The Great Hall - we have described in detail the location of all 24 collectibles in this region.
  2. The South Wing - here you will find 23 guide pages.
  3. The Grand Staircase - our tips will help you collect 26 guide pages hidden in this region.
  4. The Astronomy Wing - locations of all Revelio Pages, Flying Pages and other collectibles in the Astronomy Wing. There are 23 collectibles in this region.
  5. The Library Annex - this region has 20 Field Guide Pages. Our descriptions and pictures will help you collect them all.
  6. The Bell Tower Wing part 1 - on this page, you will find the locations of all Field Guide Pages, such as Revelio pages and Levioso pages.
  7. The Bell tower wing part 2 - here you can find the rest of the collectibles from this region.


  1. Field Guide Pages - here you will learn where to find all flying Field Guide pages and Revelio pages in Hogsmeade.
  2. Field Guide Pages Part 2 - this is another part of the page listing XP-granting collectibles located in the wizard village.
  3. Demiguise Statues - There are 9 Demiguise Statues in Hogsmeade. Thanks to our pictures and detailed descriptions, you will find all the collectibles in the village.
  4. Collection Chests - on this page, we have included the exact location of 5 Collection Chests in Hogsmeade. We explain in which houses the chests are hidden.

The Highlands

  1. Infamous Foes - this page lists all the boss lairs in The Highlands.
  2. Demiguise Statues - there are 11 Demiguise Statues in the Highlands. Our tips will lead you to every collectible that is needed to level up the Alohomora spell.
  3. Ancient Magic Hotspots Part 1 - there are 20 Hotspots to find in this region - collecting them all will allow you to tap into the power of Ancient Magic.
  4. Ancient Magic Hotspots Part 2 - part 2 of Highlands Hotspots. We show how to find and collect bits of Ancient Magic in order to activate the hotspot.

Trials of Merlin

  1. North Ford Bog - here you will find solutions of all 4 Merlin Trials in this region.
  2. Hogsmeade Valley - in the valley, you will find 5 Merlin Trials. We describe in detail how to solve all the puzzles in this region.
  3. Forbidden Forest - learn where to find 3 Merlin Trials. Our detailed description will help you solve these puzzles.
  4. North Hogwarts Region - in this area, you will find 5 Merlin Trials. We explain how to solve puzzles with butterflies and stone blocks.
  5. South Hogwarts Region - this location contains as many as 15 Merlin Trials. With our walkthrough, you will solve even the most difficult environmental puzzles.
  6. Feldcroft Region - The area around Feldcroft has 16 Merlin Trials. We suggest which spells to use to solve them.
  7. Hogwarts Valley - This page contains information about the location of 16 Merlin Trials in this region. You will learn how to solve each puzzle.
  8. Poidsear Coast - This region has 10 Merlin Trials. We provided the solutions to all puzzles.
  9. Marunweem Lake - you will find 4 Merlin Trials around the lake. We suggest which spells to use for the environmental puzzles.
  10. Manor Cape - here you will find the solution to 5 Merlin Trials from this region.
  11. Clagmar Coast - on this page, you will learn how to solve 5 Merlin Trials from the coast.
  12. Cragcroftshire - solutions for 5 Merlin Trials in Cragcroftshire. We describe in detail how to solve each puzzle.

Collection Chests:

  1. North Ford Bog - in this region you will find 7 Collection Chests .
  2. Forbidden Forest - there are 6 Collection Chests in the forest region. Some of them are found at bandit camps and Horklump Hollow.
  3. Hogsmeade Valley - 8 Chests from this region are found around Overlook Mine, Upper Hogsfield and this region's bandit camp.
  4. North Hogwarts Region - there are 7 Collection Chests in this region. During your quest to find the chests, you'll visit Korrow Ruins and Collector's Cave.
  5. South Hogwarts Region - there are 9 Collection Chests to find in this region. Getting them all will involve completing Tangled Web side quest and visiting Mary Portman's Cellar.
  6. Hogwarts Valley - there are as many as 15 Collection Chests in this region. The journey will take you to Dale Family Tomb, The Mine's Eye, and Gilded Perch.
  7. Feldcroft Region - in this part of the Highlands you will have the opportunity to find 22 Collection Chests. The quest to find the chests will take you to Feldcroft Catacomb and Moonstone Garden.
  8. South Sea Bog - in this area, you will find 1 Collection Chest. Our guide will help you defeat 2 trolls in the bandit camp.
  9. Coastal Caverns - one Collection Chest to find, but getting it will require a visit to Tomb of Treachery.
  10. Poidsear Coast - in this region there are 8 Collection Chests to find. Getting them all will require a visit to Phoenix Mountain Cave, a quest location in the mission from Deek.
  11. Marunweem Lake - in the lake area there are 15 Collection Chests to find, some containing collector items. You'll need to visit Tower Tunnel and Coastal Mine.
  12. Cape Manor - in this region there are 7 Collection Chests to find. Your quest to loot the chests will take you to Bainburgh village and Hendrietta's Hideaway.
  13. Cragcroftshire - there are 5 of Collection Chests in total here, some encountered in bandit camps and in Cragcroft village.
  14. Clagmar Coast - there are 5 Chests to collect here - getting some of them will require visiting bandit camps.

Hogwarts Legacy: FAQ

In our Hogwarts Legacy FAQ section, we answer the most frequently asked questions about gameplay, mechanics and more challenging gameplay topics. If you're looking for quick hints about the main storyline or can't find all the collectibles, the following pages will definitely help you.


  1. Does the game have manual saves? - on this page, you will find out if you can save the game at any time and when autosave is created. We explain the maximum number of saves you can create.
  2. How to get to the Southern Highlands? - on this page, we explain how to reach the southern areas of the map.
  3. How to find the Chamber of Secrets? - on this page, we explain where to find the chamber known from the books and movies.
  4. Are there spiders in the game? - page dedicated for readers with arachnophobia.
  5. Was Rowling involved in the development of the game? - we answer was the books' author involved with the game's plot.
  6. Can you be evil in the game? - here you will find out if your character can be evil. We explain what happens when you use Unforgivable Curses like Avada Kedavra, Crucio and Imperio, and whether there is a morality system in the game.

Main character

  1. Can I own a pet? - the world of Hogwarts Legacy is full of fantastic creatures - this page explains is it possible to own one of them.
  2. How to change the appearance? - we answer how to change appearance while maintaining the statistics of your gear (transmog - changing the appearance of one item into another).
  3. How to earn XP quickly? - we have compiled the best ways for gaining XP quickly to level up.
  4. Can you change your face and hairstyle? - we answer whether it is possible to change your character's appearance after starting the game and exiting the character creator (different face, new hairstyle).
  5. How to receive a customized Wand? - on this page, we explain how to create a custom Wand.
  6. How to learn new spells? - on this page, we explain how to learn new spells.
  7. How to identify items? - on this page, we explain how to use items marked with question marks.
  8. How to increase inventory capacity? - on this page, we explain why are Merlin Trials worth completing.
  9. How to learn the Avada Kedavra spell? - here you can check if you can learn the forbidden spell, Avada Kedavra. We explain whether there are any dangers for using this deadly spell in combat.

Combat and exploration

  1. How to open an Eye Chest? - you will learn how to outsmart the Eye Chest so that it does not close when it sees you.
  2. How to unlock flying on a broom? - we explain when you unlock flying on a broom, how to buy your own broom and how to upgrade the broom to fly faster.
  3. How to find Field Guide Pages? - this page contains hints on how to get Field Guide pages - an important type of collectibles.
  4. How to open locks? - on this page, we explain how to open padlocks with the Alohomora spell.
  5. Is it possible to change the time of day? - we explain how to set a different time of day (e.g. night) and what impact it may have on the game's world.
  6. Is it possible to swim? - on this page, we explain how does the playable character react to water.
  7. Are there stealth attacks in the game? - on this page, we answer is it possible to execute stealth takedowns.
  8. How to solve puzzle door? - in the game, you will find locked doors with symbols. On this page, we explain how to open them.
  9. How to get Troll Bogeys? - here you will find a hint on how to find this rare crafting material.
  10. Is Quidditch in the game? - here we answer whether you can play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy. You will find out what activities on the broom are in the game.
  11. How does fast travel work? - There are a lot of fast travel points in the game. This page explains how to use Floo Flames.
  12. How to explore Atrium in Minding Your Own Business quest - Atrium is a location in an exclusive side quest for PlayStation. We explain how to solve puzzles with doors and lanterns in a haunted house.
  13. How to explore the library in the Minding Your Own Business quest - in the haunted mansion from the PS4 and PS5 exclusive quest, you will have to explore the library and bring 2 lanterns to the door.
  14. What magical animals are in the game? - here we present a list of all magical animals and creatures that you can encounter in Hogwarts Legacy. Our tips will help you find and tame each animal.
  15. What is the Dark Arts Battle Arena? - on this page, we answer whether there is a dark arts arena in the game and how to unlock it. We also explain what can happen to your character for using dark arts and the forbidden spells Imperio and Crucio.
  16. Are there romances in the game? - on this page you will find out if Hogwarts legacy has the option of romancing and making friends. We also describe what characters you will meet in the game.
  17. Are dark arts in the game? - here we explain how to become a dark arts adept and become an evil wizard. You will find out whether you can meet Death Eaters in the game.

Technical aspects

  1. Does the game contain microtransactions? - on this page, we explain is it possible to purchase in-game currency and itemswith real money.
  2. Can you skip dialogue? - in case you wish to rush through the game, this page explains how to skip dialogue.
  3. Is the game in the Game Pass? - on this page, we answer whether Hogwarts Legacy is available in Game Pass.
  4. Is the game on GeForce Now? - here you will find out whether Hogwarts Legacy is available on the GeForce Now cloud service.
  5. Why can't I play on PS4? - here you'll learn about the game on older consoles.
  6. Does the game have PlayStation exclusive content? - on this page, we've detailed the PS5 and PS4 exclusive content. You will find out if it will be possible to buy these extras for other platforms.
  7. Does the game support ultrawide monitors? - on this page, we explain whether Hogwarts Legacy supports ultrawide monitors and whether you can increase the field of view.
  8. Is there Ray Tracing in the game? - here you will find out if the game offers Ray Tracing and what other graphics options are available.
  9. Can I have multiple user profiles? - on this page, you can check how many profiles you can create in Hogwarts Legacy to complete the game as a member of each house: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff.

Hogwarts Legacy: Minimum PC system requirements

Check the following system requirements to see if your PC will be able to run Hogwarts Legacy on the lowest settings.

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bits
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-6600 or AMD Ryzen 5 1400
  3. Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 470 with 4GB VRAM
  4. DirectX: version 12
  5. RAM: 16 GB
  6. Disk space: 85 GB (HDD supported, SSD recommended)

You can read more about the recommended system requirements and ultra settings in 4K resolution on the page: System requirements. We also explained whether you need a permanent Internet connection to run the game.

Hogwarts Legacy: Game editions

On the Game editions page, we've listed all available versions of Hogwarts Legacy. We described all editions and platforms for which the game is coming out, along with exclusive content for PlayStation and for those who bought the game in advance. We explain how the Collector's Edition differs from the Deluxe Edition.

Hogwarts Legacy: Release date

Hogwarts Legacy has different release dates - see the Release date page for details. There, we listed all the release dates divided by platforms and described which edition of the game gives you early access to Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: Game length

If you're still wondering how long it takes to complete Hogwarts Legacy, check out the Game length page. We have included the approximate play time you need to spend on completing the main storyline and how long it will take you to discover all the secrets, collectibles and side content.

Hogwarts Legacy: Language versions

The Language versions page contains a list of all languages available in Hogwarts Legacy. There you will find information on the available languages for the subtitles, interface and dubbing. At the end of the page, we explain step by step how to change the language of the game on each platform.

Hogwarts Legacy: Accessibility

On the Accessibility page, you will find a complete list of settings available in Hogwarts Legacy. We describe the options for colorblind people, changing graphic settings such as brightness and contrast, and the size of the text displayed on the screen. We explain what accessibility features for the hearing-impaired are in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy: Trophies/Achievements

Our trophy guide will help you unlock all 46 achievements. We suggest how to get 100% of the available trophies and how to get the platinum trophy.

Hogwarts Legacy: Keybinds

Hogwarts Legacy was released on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5, and Nintendo Switch. To learn more about controls for the individual platforms, visit Controls page of the guide.

About Hogwarts Legacy Guide

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Hogwarts Legacy Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Avalanche Software
  • publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, Switch, PS5, XSX

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