Hostel Facility

Institute has hostel for the resident students. Students from different states live and enjoy and mini-India in the campus.

70+ Courses

More than 70 courses, ranging from certificate to Diploma up-to post Diploma courses are offered in the institute which ranges from one week to two years.

Unique Quality

The uniqueness of MGI is its consolidated and unified education and training approach.One more unique quality of the institute is its national and international advisory forum.

Best Trainers

We are devoted to create Professional safety personnel. Every teacher and staff has only one aim “Create Complete Safety Personnel


The Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Fire and Industrial Safety Management (MGI), is a leading Health and Safety Institute situated in the capital of India's state of Uttar Pradesh.

Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Fire and Industrial Safety Management, commonly known as MGI is in service to create highly qualified professionals in the field of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment). The emerging demand for occupational Health & Safety professionals invites millions of job opportunities globally. Mahatma Gandhi Institute, since its inception, is working tirelessly towards creating professional leaders to fill this requirement. Our students, now working all over in the world, are contributing in the development of a safe working environment everywhere.



Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Fire and Industrial Safety Management (MGIFISM) is an authorized centre of PISH Education Foundation.

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Training Procedure

Training Procedure

The practical, the field and site visits, the workshop , every nook and cranny of the study aspect is taught with zeal to infuse real workplace experience in the mind and practice of our students.

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Expert Trainers


Happy Students


Total Courses


Selected Students

Why to Choose us?

This is the best safety Management institute in India. Situated in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. This is the only institute in India which provide practical trainings (in every subject of safety). The trainers are highly qualified and internationally experienced. The students from this institute are receiving jobs all around India and world. Hundreds of students are successfully settled in good positions in different companies.

The success rate of students is very

Free computer learning center and hostel facility

English speaking, computer class and other courses also available

Free 24X7 open library and practical training facilities

Our Procedure

We are devoted to create Professional safety personnel. Everyteacher and staff has only one aim “Create Complete Safety Personnel”

From Admission to – Job, we are busy tirelessly

We follow the steps to get your dream come true.You can contact us and get the details.

  1. Admission.
  2. Analysing Student (SWOT analysis)
  3. Identify capabilities, qualities and weakness of student
  4. Categorizing Students according to his capability
  5. Making strategy for each student
  6. Working according to tailored plan for each student
  7. Executing tailored plan
  8. Final Examination (written test, Practical test, Viva,Project, Presentation)
  9. Result- Success

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Marco Datella


Juditt Lind


Lesa Bella


Mario Salles


What Peolpe Are Saying

Excellent Services for specialized Safety profession and I would like to recommended to take a courses in MGIFISM.

Rubi Chauhan

It's brain child of a specialized Safety profession and highly recommended to take a courses in MGIFISM

Karan Thakur

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