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GTA 5 Guide

GTA 5 Guide

Welcome to Los Santos! GTA 5 guide, a complete walkthrough, maps, secrets and tips to game mechanics. It covers fights, equipment, main characters and their skills, easter eggs, romances and achievements.

Last update: Tuesday, July 14, 2020

This unofficial Grand Theft Auto 5 guide is a gigantic compendium regarding this Rockstar's game. With this guide, you will be able to find yourself in this complex game and complete GTA 5 in 100%.

GTA V guide is divided into four massive parts. The first one allows you to familiarize yourself with basic gameplay mechanics and starting tips. Moreover, the guide describes the most important elements of the game - fighting, using weapons, driving and riding, escaping the police, and earning money. Another important chapter in this part regards playable characters in GTA V - we have thoroughly described Franklin, Michael, and Trevor as well as their unique abilities. In this guide, you'll also find sections about investing on the stock market, purchasing real estate, starting relationships, visiting interesting locations, the time required for completing the game and completing different activities as well as mini-games (golf, strip clubs, hunting, parachuting, flight school, racing, and other). The guide ends with sections on system requirements, codes/cheats, and the trophy guide.

The second part of this guide entirely revolves around completing missions. There, you'll find a detailed walkthrough of all story missions. Our guide includes different variants of the main heists, as well as 3 main endings of GTA 5. Apart from the main plot description, you can find separate chapters on strangers and freaks missions, random events, and real estate missions.

The third part of the guide is the world atlas including all maps and secrets. There, you can find the location of the most important secrets/collectibles, such as spaceship parts, letter scraps, radioactive waste, submarine parts, epsilon tracts, and mosaics. Other chapters with maps regard the most popular additional activities, completing challenges (stunts), visiting entertainment locations, stores (e.g. car dealerships, ammunition, clothing stores), and other venues.

The fourth and the last part of this guide fully revolves around GTA Online. There, we have described the basics of the multiplayer mode - creating a character, completing first activities, increasing skills, acquiring new weapons and vehicles, avoiding the police, and earning rewards. In different chapters, you will find information on joining actions, using the creator, securing yourself from losing money, purchasing items, joining teams, joining heists, and completing daily tasks.

GTA 5 Guide in short - GTA 5 Guide

GTA 5 Guide in short:

  1. A detailed description of all the key elements of the game (fighting, vehicles, equipment, car chases, etc.);
  2. A description of all the main characters and their special skills;
  3. Hints concerning the development of the playable characters;
  4. Detailed description of all the activities and hobbies available in the game;
  5. Information on starting relationships and love affairs;
  6. List of Easter Eggs and interesting sites;
  7. List of all achievements/trophies.

Grand Theft Auto 5 complete walkthrough

Our guide includes a walkthrough of each type of mission in the game. The most important types of activities in this guide are:

  1. Main story missions - completing them is required for finishing the game (there are several exceptions including small activities triggered as you complete the game). After completing all the main missions you can choose one of the three available endings.
  2. Strangers and freaks missions - these are a sort of larger side missions. In some cases, you are assigned with several missions by one person.
  3. Random events - these are small missions or encounters that might involve performing additional activities.
  4. Real estate missions - these are small and often repetitive missions you can complete to ensure a given venue operates properly.

The most important collectibles and secrets in GTA 5

By using this guide, you can find 100% of secrets/collectibles in Grand Theft Auto 5. Most of those secrets are required for the 100% completion of the game. Below, are the most important sections on collectibles in our guide:

  1. Spaceship parts - there are 50 parts to find.
  2. Letter scraps - Finding them will help you determine who the murderer is.
  3. Radioactive waste - all pieces of waste can be found underwater.
  4. Submarine parts - they also can all be found underwater
  5. Hidden packages - upon opening each one you receive a lot of money.
  6. Epsilon Tracts - there are 10 of those to find.
  7. Monkey mosaics - there are 50 mosaics to find
  8. Flying under Bridges - this is one of the conditions for completing the game at 100%.
  9. Knife flights - locations where you have to fly sideways
  10. Stunt jumps - you perform them using vehicles.

The most important mini-games

In Grand Theft Auto V you can complete different mini-games and additional activities. The most important ones are described in separate sections of this guide:

  1. Golf - You'll learn where is the golf court, how to join the golf club, and how to play.
  2. Yoga - we give you tips on how to perform given positions.
  3. Hunting - we explain how to join the hunting club, where to hunt, and how to acquire hunting trophies.
  4. Darts - You can learn how to play darts and how to aim properly.
  5. Shooting range - we explain how to enter the shooting range and achieve the highest scores.
  6. Flight School - helps you learn to fly and can be useful when completing selected missions.
  7. Tennis - we list the most important rules of tennis and explain how to serve properly.
  8. Triathlon - You'll learn which disciplines triathlon includes and how to prepare for the competition.
  9. Races - we explain where the races are held and how to win consecutive ones.
  10. Taxies - we explain how to start driving the customers around and how to get significant tips.


Below, you can find the most important pages of our game guide that might interest you before you start playing GTA V, as well as during the game:

  1. How to escape the police? - you first need to lose the cops chasing you and then avoid being detected or seen by the law officers.
  2. How to easily earn money? - we describe several techniques of earning money in GTA 5, including those allowing the characters to become millionaires.
  3. How to acquire better weapons? - We explain where you can purchase better weapons as well as ammo, armor, and important pieces of gear.
  4. How to multiply money on the stock market? - You can earn most by purchasing and selling shares with clever market manipulations.
  5. How to develop a character's skills? - Each skill can be developed by performing activities related to it. This will train your character.
  6. Are there any choices in the game? - We also inform about different options for planning and executing heists.
  7. How to infiltrate government facilities? - We also indicate where to find forbidden locations and how to deal with pursuits starting upon entering them.
  8. How to get the best vehicles? - The most useful vehicles in GTA V include a tank and armed choppers.
  9. How to hunt animals? - You should prepare for each hunting and after starting one, avoid being detected by the game.
  10. How to complete Flight School? - you can find the flight school near the Los Santos airport and complete 10 lessons.
  11. How to complete GTA 5 at 100%? - you don't have to complete all activities at 100%, only the selected ones. Completing the game at 100% is one of the requirements for the platinum trophy.
  12. How to activate codes/cheats? - You can do that directly in the game. Just enter the right button combination.

Can I play after finishing the game?

Yes, it is possible. You just have to make sure that upon reaching the campaign finale you choose the right ending that will not block access to one of the three playable characters. Otherwise, some activities meant solely for the blocked character would become inaccessible for you.

Is GTA 5 a long game?

Yes, Grand Theft Auto V is a long and very complex game. Completing the story missions alone should take you around 30 hours, and the adventure doesn't need to end there. The game features multiple side missions and events. Additionally, you can spend a lot of time playing GTA Online. More about the scale of the game in the How long does it take to complete GTA 5? section of this guide.

Can I start a romantic relationship in the game?

No, in GTA 5 there are no "traditional" romantic relationships, however, the game offers something instead:

  1. Protagonists can befriend selected NPCs and hang out with them.
  2. Protagonists can establish close relationships with selected strippers.

Do I need to purchase a subscription to play GTA Online?

Yes, but only on selected consoles. When playing on PlayStation 4, you need to have PlayStation Plus, while on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, you need to have Xbox Live Gold.

You don't need a subscription when playing the PC version of the game.

Are there any microtransactions in the game?

Yes, the game offers microtransactions, however, they only regard GTA Online. The single-player campaign does not have any microtransactions. Moreover, the single-player mode has cheats/codes available.

This is the list of main microtransactions in Grand Theft Auto Online:

  1. Red Shark Cash Card - gives you 100,000 in-game GTA Online dollars.
  2. Tiger Shark Cash Card - gives you 200,000 in-game GTA Online dollars.
  3. Bull Shard Cash Card - gives you 500,000 in-game GTA Online dollars.
  4. GWS Cash Card - gives you 1,250,000 in-game GTA Online dollars.
  5. Whale Shark Cash Card - gives you 3,500,000 in-game GTA Online dollars.
  6. Megalodon Cash Card - gives you 100,000 in-game GTA Online dollars.

GTA 5 crucial controls

Below, you can find the list of crucial controls in Grand Theft Auto V. More details in a separate section of this guide called Controls.

Moving on foot or using a vehicle - GTA 5 Guide

Moving on foot or using a vehicle

Sneaking - GTA 5 Guide


Looking around - GTA 5 Guide

Looking around

1 - GTA 5 GuideUsing a characters special skill - GTA 5 Guide

Using a character's special skill

Jump / Climb - GTA 5 Guide

Jump / Climb


Enter / Exit vehicles - GTA 5 Guide

Enter / Exit vehicles

Sprint - GTA 5 Guide


Strong punches

Light punches / reload - GTA 5 Guide

Light punches / reload

Select character - GTA 5 Guide

Select character

Switch camera mode - GTA 5 Guide

Switch camera mode

Weapons selection wheel - GTA 5 Guide

Weapons selection wheel

Aim - GTA 5 Guide


Take cover - GTA 5 Guide

Take cover

Shoot - GTA 5 Guide


GTA 5 PC system requirements

GTA 5 system requirements might seem large at the time the game was released on PC, however, many players have upgraded their hardware since that time. The recommended requirements are:

  1. CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 3.2 GHz (4 cores) or AMD X8 FX-8350 4 GHz (8 cores)
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. GPU: GeForce GTX 660 GT (2 GB memory) or Radeon HD 7870 (2 GB memory)
  4. OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (all 64-bit)
  5. HDD space: 65 GB

The better hardware you own, the higher details you can get. The system requirements might increase if you're trying to play the game at 4K or install multiple mods (e.g. offering photo-realistic visuals).

About GTA 5 Guide

Author : Arek "Skan" Kaminski, Jacek "Stranger" Halas & Bartek "Snek" Duk for

Translator : Slawomir "Szczur" Niejadlik & Bartlomiej Lopatka

Guide contains : 352 pages, 1551 images, 40 maps and annotated illustrations.

Strategy Guide

Last update : May 25, 2016, visit Strategy Guide

Quests & Missions

Last update : May 25, 2016, visit Quests & Missions

Maps & Secrets

Last update : May 25, 2016, visit Maps & Secrets

Grand Theft Auto Online

Last update : May 25, 2016, visit Grand Theft Auto Online

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

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Grand Theft Auto V Video Game

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