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Dredge Guide

Dredge Guide

Great catch Dredge guide is the best tips for begginers, to fishing, improving boats, researching equipment, mining resources. We describe how to get new equipment, how to collect Reaserch Parts, system requirements, controls, game length.

Last update: Wednesday, April 26, 2023

This guide for Dredge explains and covers the most important aspects of the gameplay in rich detail. Here you will find tips and tricks on fishing, resource gathering, boat upgrades and part research. We explain why staying in the open during the night is dangerous, as well as why maintaining good condition of your equipment is important. We have also dedicated space for the technical aspects of the game, such as the controls and system requirements.

Dredge: Guide content

In the Basics section of our guide, you can find lists of available Rods and Engines that can be installed on your ship. We also explain Research and unlocking Upgrades which when installed will improve the performance of your boat.

The Dredge guide consists mainly of the FAQ section, where we answer the most frequently asked questions about the game. We suggest how to fish, where to get materials and how to get new equipment. We also pay attention to repairing equipment and conducting research, including how to collect Research Parts. Another important page of the Basics chapter is dedicated to Gale Cliffs and Stellar Basin - we explain how to avoid large monsters in these areas and how to catch Conger Eel and Aurora Jellyfish. Finally, there is a description of Panic system in the game and short commentary on available difficulty levels.

The Pursuits section features walkthrough of every quest present in Dredge. Among others, we describe Pursuits received from Collector which involve searching for Relics, and list the rewards pbtained from each quest.

The Secrets and Collectibles section will help you find the locations of all collectibles, among them Books that when read, offer a permanent bonus to statistics. We also list the locations of Messages, solutions to Rock Slab puzzles and the locations of Dog Tags and Scaps of Paper.

The Annex section of our guide describes some of the technical aspects of Dredge. You'll learn about Dredge's system requirements, controls and accessibility settings. You will also read about the supported languages and whether the game is available in the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Finally, there is the complete and detailed Trophy guide and a page discussing Steam Deck compatibility.

Dredge: Tips and tricks

  1. Stay close to the dock at night - sometimes traveling in darkness will be necessary, but try not to stay in open water when it gets dark. At night, various dangers will increase your Panic level and can severely damage your ship.
  2. Repair equipment - repairing ship components is always a priority. Damage reduces the capacity of the cargo bay and you will not be able to use some of its segments. In addition, damaged equipment will not work properly, which can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of fishing and traveling.
  3. Play the mini-games carefully - fishing and mining come with an arcade mini-game. Remember that any such activity takes time, so the longer you spend on it, the more time you will lose. This is most important when fishing in open waters, because then you may find yourself in a hostile environment at night.
  4. Sail carefully - during your journey, you will often come across obstacles in the form of rocks protruding above the water surface and whirlpools. Avoid colliding with them, as this can damage individual elements of the ship. Some damage can cause the slots in the cargo hold to become blocked. If you happen to have a cargo in that place, you will lose it forever.
  5. Talk to the locals - use every possible opportunity to talk to new people. Do not skip any dialogue option, because it may happen that the character will reward your interest with a gift. Sometimes these are very valuable Research Points.

You can find more tips on the following page: Tips and tricks.

Dredge: Basics

This part of the guide explains the basic mechanics and assumptions of Dredge.

  1. All Rods - here is a complete list of all available fishing Rods, as catching fish is one of your main activities in the game.
  2. All Engines - on this page we've listed available Engines. They are the heart of your ship, and switching to new, better, units will increase the overall performance of your boat.
  3. Time in the game - look here to view what actions cause the passage of time and how to speed up the transition from night to day.
  4. All endings - this page features information on all endings in Dredge and their requirements.

Dredge: FAQ

In this part of the guide, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, including how to fish, where to find Research Parts and how to increase the capacity of the cargo hold.

  1. How to fish? - here you will learn about one of the basic mechanics of Dredge.
  2. How to obtain Dredge? - collecting materials is very important. On this page, we describe how to obtain them by mining.
  3. How to increase the space in the cargo hold? - limited cargo slots force frequent trips. Here we suggest how to increase the carrying capacity of your ship.
  4. Where to find Research Parts? - without research you will not discover new equipment. This page contains information about parts that you will use to develop better equipment.
  5. How to remove Debris? - the waters which we explore in the game are often riddled with obstacles that can be blown up to unlock the way. Here you'll learn how to do that.
  6. How to solve Rock Slab puzzles? - the world of Dredge is full of secrets, and Rock Slab and related puzzle is one of them. On this page of our FAQ chapter, we explain the rules behind these puzzles and show what rewards there may be for completing them.
  7. Where to get Refined Metal? - this is a basic resource used for upgrades. On this page we show where to obtain it.
  8. How to get and what is the Signet Ring for? - here we describe what to do to get this unique ring.
  9. How to save the game? - if you having trouble understanding how saves are made in Dredge, visit this page.
  10. Is there a lower difficulty level? - the mini-games accompanying many of the activities require fast and precise movements and some instances may be especially difficult. From this page, you can learn what to do to make them easier.
  11. How do I pay off debt in Greater Marrow? - at the beginning of the game, your character receives a replacement ship for which you need to pay for. On this page, we show how to do it.
  12. What are Infected Fish? - your caught fish may become Infected. here we explain what this status means and what to do with such cargo.
  13. Is there fast travel? - from this page, you'll learn whether Dredge has a fast travel system to shorten travel times.
  14. Where to catch Conger Eel? - here we show the approximate locations of fishing areas that offer a chance of catching Conger Eel and answer the question what use you may have for this fish.
  15. How to Catch Aurora Jellyfish? - catching a Jellyfish isn't easy, so visit this page of the guide to receive some tips regarding this type of fish.
  16. How to get a Hadal rod? - Hadal is a special type of fishery. on this page we explain how to get a Rod that allows fishing in these areas.
  17. How to avoid the monster in Gale Cliffs? - exploration of Gale Cliffs is made harder thanks to large underwater monsters that can attack you.
  18. How to avoid the monster in Stellar Basin? - another region in which sometimes a large monster appears. Here we show what you can do to mitigate the danger.
  19. How to deal with Panic? - when traveling at night, you may sometimes be subjected to dangerous hallucinations. On this page we show ways of lowering Panic.
  20. How to sail faster? - here we show methods of increasing traveling speed of your boat, allowing you to reach your destination much faster.
  21. Can lost items be recovered? - it may happen that your cargo ends overboard. Here you can learn whether you can retrieve lost cargo or passengers.
  22. How to fish Trophies? - on this page we discuss Trophies - special variants of Fish that can be caught in Dredge.
  23. How to repair the boat? - ship is your main tool, and should be kept in pristine condition. Here we describe how and where you can order repairs of damaged ship elements.
  24. What is the Sextant for? - we explain what the mysterious Trinket's purpose is.
  25. How to fish for Aberrations? - we explain how to catch Aberrations. We list three main ways to catch mutated fish.

Dredge: Pursuits (quests)

This part of the guide is dedicated to Pursuits, which can be treated as quests.

  1. Grotesque Fish - this quest introduces you to Aberrations and Blackstone Isle.
  2. The Collector - on this page we explain where to find all five relics and complete the game's main storyline.
  3. Hermitage - on this page we explain where to find the Family Crest and how to reconcile the feuding brothers in Gale Cliffs.
  4. Research Assistant - on this page you can view the walkthrough for quests received from Researcher in Old Fortress.
  5. The Bitter End - this quest tasks you with helping the Airman avenge his fallen comrades and setting up traps for Mind Suckers.
  6. Flames of the Deep - on this page we explain how to complete the Pursuit received from the Fanatic in Devil's Spine.
  7. A Fresh Start - this quest teaches you the game's base mechanics and has you catch your first fish.
  8. Caught to Order - the Fishmonger will ask you to deliver some specific species. This will improve your fishing skills.
  9. Package Delivery - the Mayor will request you deliver a small package to Little Marrow.
  10. Lost at Sea - this quest tasks you with helping a distraught father cope with the loss of his son and finding the Bronze Belt Buckle.
  11. Carven Courier - this quest tasks you with delivering a package to Little Marrow.
  12. A Place to Rest - this Pursuit tasks you with gathering materials and taking the Builder to Steel Point where she'll settle down.
  13. Castaway - you'll help a castaway reach civilization, saving his life.
  14. Best Before - we explain how to complete the quest from the Ingfell Resident, how to catch an eel and make it into a Rotten one.
  15. Lost Dog - during this quest you'll find a new home for a lost dog in Stellar Basin.
  16. Recording Rarities - this quest tasks you with fishing out four unique species only present at specific locations.
  17. Stone Tablets - you'll search for mysterious tablets that will lead you to a treasure.
  18. Figure in Blue - you'll be tasked with catching three specific fish species for a Blue Hooded Figure.
  19. Figure in Purple - a mysterious Purple Hooded Figure will ask you for three specific species.
  20. Figure in Red - a Red Hooded Figure will task you with catching three species for him.
  21. Figure in Gold - you'll be tasked with catching three fish species for the mysterious Gold Hooded Figure.

Dredge: Secrets and collectibles

In this section of the guide, you can find a list and locations of all collectibles and puzzles appearing in Dredge.

  1. All Books - There are many different books to obtain in Dredge, and each of them offers a small bonus to certain statistics when read.
  2. All Messages - on this page we show locations of Messages which can be found and read in the game to receive insight into the main plot.
  3. Scraps of Paper - on this page we've listed all map fragments and the treasure's location.
  4. Rock Slab - on this page we've listed the locations and solutions to all optional shrines.
  5. Obelisks - on this page we've listed the locations of all mysterious Obelisks telling grim stories.
  6. Dog Tags - on this page we've listed the locations of all Dog Tags mentioned by the Airman.

Dredge: PC Minimum System Requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bits
  2. Processor: Intel Core i3-2100/AMD Phenom II X4 965
  3. RAM: 4 GB
  4. Graphics card: Nvidia 8800 GT 512MB/Radeon HD 6570 1GB
  5. Disk space: 2 GB

For more information on the minimum and recommended system requirements for My Time at Sandrock, check out the System requirements page.

Dredge: Language versions

Dredge is available in 11 language versions. The full list of available languages can be found on the Language versions page of the guide.

Dredge: Game length

Completing the main story in Dredge takes about 15 hours, but all depends on your style of play. Completing optional activities and discovering secrets adds additional hours to the playtime. We discuss this and more in detail on Game Length page of the guide.

Dredge: Trophies and platinum

In total, there are 40 achievements to unlock in the game, and one of them is the platinum trophy. Visit Trophies/Achievements for descriptions of trophies and tips on how to get them.

About Dredge Guide

Author : Krzysztof "Kris" Lewandowski for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : March 30, 2023

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Dredge Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Black Salt Games
  • publisher: Team17
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, Switch, PS5, XSX

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