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Lost Ark Guide

Lost Ark Guide

A slightly different Diablo Lost Ark walkthrough guide is a complete walkthrough, Begginer's Guide, tips for Advanced Classes, skills, combat in dungeon and healing. We describe fast travel, mineral digging, main mechanics, game length and system requirements.

Last update: Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Lost Ark Game Guide will help you explore all features of the game and provide a quick start into the world of Arkesia. You will learn the basics and avoid the most common mistakes commited by new players.

In the Basics section you will find information about main game mechanics: how to heal the hero and how the death system works, what form the secondary activities take, such as digging minerals, collecting wood or fishing. Also, you will find out if there are romances in the game and how the cooperative gameplay looks like when you're traversing the vast world of Lost Ark and when you're fighting in dungeons.

In the FAQ section you will find the answers to the following questions: how to leave the dungeon, how to manage your inventory and controls, how to use the fast travel feature and how to get a pet.

Many pages of the guide were devoted to Class description and Advanced Classes overview. You'll learn about the differences between character classes, their specializations, strengths and weaknesses. We have described which class is the best for PvP, which one works best as a support against bosses and which one will let you beat the game on your own, without playing with others.

The guide also contains additional pages regarding the controls, system requirements, the game's length and how the world changes after completing the main storyline.

Lost Ark: Beginner's Tips & Guide

Here are some quick tips you should take a look at when starting up the game for the first time.

  1. You cannot change a character's class, but you can change its build. The game lets you freely allocate skill points which increase your abilities' power and unlock special buffs. These points can be transferred to other abilities at any time.
  2. Start off by prioritizing story quests. Without beating them you won't have access to most of the game's features and areas. You don't have to focus on the sidequests (exclamation marks, hearts and other icons).
  3. You can reset skill points for free. Leveling up rewards you with skill points you can spend to strengthen your attacks. At nearly any time during the game (even before entering a dungeon or right before a boss fight) you can change both your attacks and the attributed skill points.
  4. Each player gets separate rewards for beating enemies. If you play with others and worry about someone stealing the loot you got from a boss fight, do not worry. Each character gets their own separate rewards to collect.

You can find more starting tips on the Beginner's guide page.

Lost Ark: The Basics

The Basics section describes the game's key mechanics and tips regarding the activities available in Lost Ark. You'll learn about the activities available in the game and how to partake in them.

  1. Character Creation - You'll learn how to create a new character, choose their class, what you should consider and what you should ignore.
  2. Items: disassembling, managing, repairing - You'll learn how to manage your equipment, put items in quick use slots, dispose of unwanted gear and trade with other players or your other characters.
  3. Daily Rewards - a brief description of how to get daily rewards, if they're available.
  4. Chat and messages - On this page you'll learn about the features and uses of the in-game chat.
  5. Death and healing - you'll learn how to heal your character and what to do if you die.
  6. Secret Dungeons and treasure maps - here you will learn how to use treasure maps, where to get them and how to find the secret dungeons they lead.
  7. Sailing with your ship - on this page, you will learn about one of the basic elements of the endgame, namely travelling across the sea with your ship.
  8. Stronghold - this page describes Strongholds, how to use them and their features, and also contains descriptions of the buildings available in the stronghold.
  9. Potions - on this page you find out all information about healing potions, their types and features.
  10. Auction House and Market - on this page you will learn what rules govern the market in Lost Ark and how to exchange items and resources.
  11. Guilds - if you want to join a guild and participate in new activities together with other players, then it's worth reading what you may expect from joining a guild.
  12. Rift Pieces - on this page of our guide we explain what are the so-called Rift Pieces, how to get them and how to exchange them for treasure maps.
  13. Crystalline Aura - this is the premium form in the game, that is, paid content. Find out what benefits it offers and how to get it without paying.
  14. Roster - in this section you will read what a Roster is and what a Roster level is.
  15. Stagger - find out what a Stagger is, how it affects boss fights, and what a Stagger Check is.
  16. Mari's Secret Shop - this is a special store where you can trade unique wearables and Honing materials for blue crystals. Learn about the offer and how to purchase blue crystals.

Lost Ark: FAQ

The FAQ pages provide answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the game. These are often questions about the game's mechanics and sometimes answers to simple questions, such as how to leave a dungeon or what to use an unusual item for.

  1. Offline play - is it possible? - you'll learn whether you can play Lost Ark offline and what kind of activities are available on your account if you do.
  2. Controller - is it supported? - on this page you'll learn does the game support controllers.
  3. Channels - what are they? - on this page you'll learn about channels, what they are, how to switch between them and what for.
  4. Playing solo - is it possible? - here we'll answer the question of whether Lost Ark requires you to play with others to beat the game.
  5. Changing subclasses during the game - is it possible? - this page explains whether is it possible to change your class or subclass (Advanced Class) in-game, after creating a character.
  6. Skills - how to change the hotkeys? - if you're annoyed by the initial layout of skills you can change it according to your own preference.
  7. Powerpass - what is it? - on this page you will learn what a Powerpass is and how to get it (it allows you to instantly level up your second character to level 50).
  8. Character appearance and name - how to change? - If you are bored with your character's name or appearance, you can learn how to change it on this page.
  9. Changing servers - is it possible? - we answer whether you can change the server / region after creating your character.
  10. Repair - can it be done remotely? - In this section we explain how to repair your equipment without visiting a blacksmith, even in a dungeon.
  11. Card Catalog is Full - How to fix it? - This is one of the messages you will encounter when you fill up an entire catalog and try to add another card to it.


Here you will find information on common questions related to side quests in Lost Ark.

  1. Treasure Map - what is it all about? - This is one of the items that is related to a side quest.
  2. Shadow Island - how to complete this quest? - There is a task on the island that may cause problems for beginners.
  3. Secrets of the Cube - how to complete this quest? - Here you will read how to complete one of the most puzzling stages of the quest.
  4. The Book of Time - how to complete this quest? - On this page you will learn how to start and complete this side quest.
  5. Eye Sensor - where to find it? - This is one of the quest items that you can find on the island Facility X-301.
  6. Lost City - how to find a fishing spot? - In this task you have to find a hidden fishing spot where you can fish out the keys to the chests scattered around the island.
  7. Splendid Key of Oblivion - how to use it? - On this page you will find information on how to use the item you receive after completing the quest on Lost City Island.
  8. 48th Floor Tower - how to complete this quest? - in this section you can find out how to complete the difficult stage that is the 48th floor of the Tower activity.

Game world

This section focuses on gameplay features related to in-game world, islands and their quests.

  1. Song of Resonance - how to get it? - on this page you can find out how to get Song of Resonance on Pyeto Island.
  2. Forest's Minuet - how to get it? - This page explains how to complete the Voice of the Forest quest and obtain the Forest's Minuet melody.
  3. Barrier raid - what is it? - you will find out what the players are talking about in the chat when they are discussing the attack on the barrier in Rethramis.
  4. Fast travel - how does it work? - we explain how fast travel works, what you need to use it and whether it costs money. You'll learn how to use triports, bifrost, liners and Return Points / Song of Return.
  5. Dungeon - how to leave? - on this page you'll learn how to leave a dungeon after completing it.
  6. Phoenix Plume - how to obtain? - in this section you can find out how to obtain rare Phoenix Plumes - feathers which let you resurrect your character during combat.
  7. Pet / Mount - how to obtain them? - on this page, you will learn when and how to obtain your first mount and pet, which aren't just simple companions, but they also collect items for you.
  8. Shangra, Tooki - how to find? - in this section you will learn how to find two islands that have several potential locations on the map.

Lost Ark: Character Development

These pages contain everything you need to know about your character's build and equipment. You'll learn how to upgrade your skills and equipment as you level up, what Honing and Faceting are, and the purpose of Engravings and Collectible cards.

  1. Combat stats - in other words, these are character attributes that you can influence during gameplay to upgrade your stats such as speed and critical hit chance.
  2. Skills and builds - you will learn basic information about skills and how to assign them as well as what tripods and character builds are.
  3. Runes - runes help you increase your skill power and are crucial to your character development and character build.
  4. Engravings and Faceting - on this page you will learn about engravings and the huge bonuses they can provide, as well as how important they are while building your character. You will also learn how to process Ability Stones using faceting to get stones with engravings.
  5. Honing - you will learn what gear honing is, how it affects equipment quality, and why it's the key tool to improving your character after level 50.
  6. Cards - this is one of the forms of collectible items in the game, but this feature also grants special bonuses: from owned collections and built Sets.
  7. Gems - gems can be unlocked at Tier 2 which offer a skill boost for your character.

Lost Ark: Classes and Builds

Choosing your character class is one of the most important choices in the entire game. You can't change your class or subclass after making the decision - you can only make a new character. The following pages of the guide describe the available character classes and their subclasses (Advanced Classes).

  1. Information about classes and subclasses - here you will find some information about the differences in classes and attributes.


  1. Berserker - on this page you will learn about the Berserker character class and its two builds: Madness and Technique.
  2. Paladin - here you will learn about the Paladin's unique features and we've included an example build for the later stages of the game.
  3. Gunlancer - this is the third subclass of the Warrior. On this page you will learn about his traits and attributes, as well as the Combat Readiness and Lone Knight builds.

Martial Artist:

  1. Striker - this is one of the melee classes. To learn more about this class and its builds, check out the Esoteric Flurry and Death Blow page.
  2. Wardancer - this is a female character who specializes in melee combat. Her main builds consist of Esoteric Skill Enhancement and First Intention.
  3. Scrapper - on this page you will learn how to play as the Scrapper class and the engravings necessary for the Taijutsu and Shock Training builds.
  4. Soulfist - Robust Spirit and Energy Overflow are the two base builds of this class. Here you will read how to build the character and their main features.


  1. Gunslinger - here you will learn what's necessary for the Peacemaker and Time to Hunt Gunslinger builds.
  2. Deadeye - this page contains the description of the class and its Pistoleer and Enhanced Weapon builds.
  3. Artillerist - this is one of the Advanced Classes for the Gunner class. Here you will learn about their features and the Firepower Enhancement build.
  4. Sharpshooter - this character uses a bow. Here you learn about their unique features and possible builds.


  1. Bard - here you will learn about the Bard's supportive role and how to build the character.
  2. Sorceress - the sorceress uses elemental abilities in combat. Here you will learn how to play as this class and the difference between the Igniter and Reflux builds.


  1. Shadowhunter - on this page you will learn about the Shadowhunter class and its Perfect Suppression and Demonic Impulse builds.
  2. Deathblade - this page describes the Surge Deathblade and Remaining Energy builds for this character class.

Lost Ark: Ships

On these pages you will find basic information about sailing, upgrading and navigating ships.

  1. Traveling by ship - here you will find some basic information about traveling by ship: repairing the ship, using the autopilot (auto-route), using harbors and havens.
  2. How to upgrade ships? - Here you will learn how to upgrade your ships and how to get crafting materials for required upgrades.

Lost Ark: All bosses

On these pages you will find information about World Bosses. You can only fight them if you manage to find them on the world map and arrive at the moment at which they will respawn. Also, you need to have appropriate level.

  1. Boss Information - A brief summary of key information about the continents main bosses and rewards, as well as how to search for bosses.
  2. Rudric - a walkthrough of the Rethramis continent's first boss in Rethramis Border.
  3. Salt Giant - this page explains how to fight the second boss of the continent and where to find them in Yudia.
  4. Rovlen - this is the third boss, who can be found in West Luttera (the Bilbrin Forest).
  5. Wili-Wili - on this page you will learn where to find and how to defeat the boss Wili-Wili in East Luterra (Sunbright Hill).
  6. Caspiel - this is one of the final bosses that you can face on the continent. They can be found on the remote continent of Tortoyk in the Skyreach Steppe.
  7. Chuo - this page of the guide contains a walkthrough of the Chuo boss fight on the Anikka continent.
  8. Field Bosses - this is a group of bosses for higher tiers - their location is provided, but you can only fight them once a day (they are available on the maps according to the calendar).

Lost Ark: Activities after character level 50

In the following pages of this chapter of the Lost Ark game guide, you will learn about the various activities that have been prepared for players above character level 50, which can be treated as the endgame content.

  1. Level 50 and what's next - on this page you can read about the endgame content in Lost Ark.
  2. Daily Activities - is a page dedicated to activities you can do every day. Some of these you can only undertake once a day.
  3. Procyon's Compass - this is a form of informing the player about special activities available for the day.
  4. Chaos Dungeons - this is one of the side activities that strongly helps in character development.
  5. Guardian Raid - in these quests you and your team will face selected bosses and earn interesting rewards.
  6. Cube - these are specific arenas where you and your team fight certain types of enemies with the help of buffs or by being affected by debuffs. Entrance Ticket is required.
  7. Special Dispatches - in this section you will learn how to skip some of the daily activities by sending a team from within the Fortress to perform the tasks for you.
  8. Towers is one of the activities that is not repetitive and is for a single player.
  9. Boss Rush - these are simple challenges (they require an Entrance Ticket) designed for players who have reached Tier 2.
  10. Proving Grounds - on this page you will learn all key information about PvP battle rules (including ranking games) in Lost Ark.
  11. Platinum Field - this is a special extra activity (requires an Entrance Ticket) that is associated with Trade Skills.

Una's Tasks

On these pages of our guide you can find out what Una's Tasks are and how to complete some of the more troublesome challenges.

  1. Information about Una's Tasks - on this page we have explained what Una's Tasks are and what rewards they offer.
  2. Pest Control - here you will learn how to complete this quest on Blackfang's Den island.
  3. Prisoners Emancipation - here you will learn how to free prisoners on Kalthertz Island.

Abyssal Dungeon

This sections explains how to complete individual Abyssal Dungeons. You will also learn more about their mechanics and modes of playing in the party.

  1. Information about Abyssals - here you will read what Abyssal Dungeons are - some of the more difficult and crucial activities for character development.
  2. Demon Beast Canyon - this is the first low difficulty Abyssal Dungeon available.
  3. Necromancer's Origin - on this page you will learn the mechanics required to complete the dungeon.
  4. Hall of the Twisted Warlord - on this page you will learn how to complete the level and defeat the bosses. This is one of the most difficult Abyssal Dungeons for beginning players.
  5. Hildebrandt Palace - This is one of the more difficult Abyssals. You can read here how to defeat both bosses in the dungeon.
  6. Road of Lament - here you will learn how to complete the first dungeon for the Tier 2 level.
  7. Forge of Fallen Pride - this is another Abyssal that won't give you many problems this time once you learn its mechanics.
  8. Sea of Indolence - this is an Abyssal Dungeon from the Gate of Paradise series designed for players who have reached Tier 2 and 960 ilvl.
  9. Tranquil Karkosa - this is one of the more difficult Abyssal Dungeons of Tier 2 - here you will learn the mechanics and tips on how to complete it.
  10. Alaric's Sanctuary - the last Abyssal of Tier 2 level with high difficulty, designed for 8 players.

Lost Ark: Adventurer's Tome

These pages briefly describe what the Adventurer's Tome is and how it affects the generation of game progress.

  1. Adventurer's Tome - what it is - here you will learn what the Adventurer's Tome contains and how to read it.
  2. Cooking - cooking is one of the activities that affects progress generation and is required to complete 100% of the game.
  3. Dungeons - the dungeons you see on the map count in the Adventurer's Tome progress: you must complete each dungeon on each difficulty level to fully complete entire progress in Adventurer's Tome.
  4. Romance and Relationships - on this page we have explained what the Rapport system is, how to improve relationships with NPCs and what are the benefits of doing so.

Lost Ark: Wandering Traders

Traveling Merchants are special traders in Lost Ark who offer unusual products, but are only available at certain times and places on each continent.

  1. Information about Traveling Merchants - here you will learn more about Traveling Merchants and the items they offer.
  2. List of all Traveling Merchants - on this page you will find a list of all Traveling Merchants, a list of items they sell and their exact location and time of appearance.

Lost Ark: Trade Skills

Trade Skills are activities related to crafting resources. On these pages you will learn how to use them, how to make money from them, and how to trade them.

  1. Information about Trade Skills - here can find general information about Trade Skills.
  2. Earning Gold - here you will read about ways to earn valuable gold by using Trade Skills.
  3. Better Crafting Tools - to improve the speed and efficiency of gathering resources you may need better tools. Here you will learn how to create them and the differences between the items.

Lost Ark: Calendar Events

Lost Ark offers time-limited adventures on specific days of the week. They are highly rewarding, but you can only participate in them at a certain time.

  1. Chaos Gate - this is one of the simpler activities which involves eliminating numerous bosses in a large group in a closed dungeon. It provides a great chance to earn gold and get Rift Pieces.
  2. Co-Op Sailing - this is a minor activity related to the sea - you can participate in them by using your ships. These events provide a chance to earn sea currency that you can exchange for Pirate Coins.
  3. Ghost Ship - this is an activity available only once a week, in which you face a powerful boss on a ghost ship. It offers high rewards and a chance to get a new ship (Una's Tasks).

Lost Ark: System Requirements

Below you'll find Lost Ark's minimum system requirements:

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
  2. CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 6850
  5. DirectX Version: 9.0c
  6. HDD space: 50 GB

For more information about the system requirements, check out the System requirements page.

About Lost Ark Guide

Author : Patrick "yxu" Homa for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

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