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Diablo Immortal Guide

Diablo Immortal Guide

The Immortal Lord of Terror Diablo Immortal guide is the best Begginer's Guide and for exploration, skills, character development and combat. We describe all character classes, bosses, locations, keybinds and system requirements.

Last update: Friday, July 8, 2022

Our guide to Diablo Immortal is a large compendium of knowledge about this isometric action RPG. The detailed information and advice listed in our guide will help you learn all the most important game mechanics, teach you the basics of combat and help you develop your characters.

The first major chapter of the guide focuses on the basics of Diablo Immortal. Here, you will learn about the basic activities in the game, such as healing or using the Ultimate skill. In addition, you will read about Microtransactions, the available Currencies and Platinum, and you will also find a description of the Attributes - what does Vitality and Intelligence do.

The second major chapter of the Diablo Immortal guide is the FAQ section which offers answers to frequently asked questions. You will read about how to deal with story puzzles and how to adjust the interface: manage the chat, how to deal with full inventory or identify items.

Our guide to Diablo Immortal ends with the Appendix, where you will find, among others, the game's system requirements for Android and iOS as well as PC, a detailed list of controls for all platforms, and information on the supported languages.

Diablo Immortal: Quick beginner's tips

The list below contains some interesting starting tips that you may not know about, even if you have spent several hours in the game.

  1. You can refill potions in the city. If exploration is too difficult for you and you don't have enough health potions, move quickly to the settlement to refill them.
  2. You can change your skills at any time. You can change your current skills at any time, even during quests in a Dungeon or on a Battleground.
  3. You can teleport in both ways. By using the portal from the inventory (portal icon), you can move to the closest settlement or Westmarch. This portal will allow you to return to the same place, even if you were in a Dungeon and reached inventory capacity limit.
  4. Don't focus on leveling up. Experience level cap is 60. By reaching that level, you unlock new functionalities and activities in the game, new skills and slightly improve your statistics. The more important statistic is the Combat Rating, which determines the strength of your character.
  5. Don't forget about the daily rewards and daily activities. Even if you play the game every day for half an hour, you can collect most of the rewards to build your character almost passively.
  6. Join a clan. It will be easier to find people willing to cooperate, and you will also be able to make your clan become part of one of the factions - you will get more activities to complete and rewards to earn.
  7. Don't save up your items and resources. You will start to get more of them over time, so upgrade your equipment and use gems right from the beginning. Upgrades transfer between inventory and gems are removable!

For more in-depth tips, see the Beginner's guide page.

Diablo Immortal: All bosses

Below you will find a list of bosses in Diablo Immortal who are the biggest problems in terms of starting the fight or defeating them:

  1. List of all bosses - basic information about the types of bosses.
  2. Blood Rose - the first world boss in the Dark Wood.
  3. Lassal - find out how to defeat Lassal, Helliquary boss.
  4. Tax Collector - one of the bosses that appear on the map on specific days.
  5. Lord Martanos - the world boss of Mount Zavain.
  6. Sandgolem and Flashcraft Hydra - bosses that can be summoned with a low probability in the Library of Zoltun Kulle.

Diablo Immortal: Basics

Below, we have presented all the most important information about the basics of Diablo Immortal.

  1. Character classes - we have described all the classes available in the game - from Barbarians to Necromancers;
  2. Exploration - on this page you will find information about: about locations, events and dungeons;
  3. Combat - here you will find basic information on the combat on PC and mobile devices.
  4. Types and rarity of enemies - we describe here common and rare enemies as well as bosses.
  5. Healing, resurrecting, death - find out if you lose items upon death, how to heal yourself and resurrect your character and allies.
  6. Currencies - description of the payment methods available in the game, visible in the upper right part of the screen after, e.g. opening the inventory window.
  7. Attributes - a detailed description of what specific character attributes, such as Strength or Intelligence, are responsible for.
  8. Ultimate - each hero has the Ultimate mode, during which they deal increased damage for a short period of time.
  9. Microtransactions and Platinum - on this page, you can read whether microtransactions are bothersome, whether you can play the game without them and what Platinum is for.
  10. Gambling - read what to do with excess gold by converting it into selected items.
  11. Shadow Lottery - your clan can become the Shadow Clan when you participate in the Lottery...
  12. Endgame - here you will find out which activities appear in the so-called "endgame" phase, that is after reaching level 60 and finishing the story.

Diablo Immortal: FAQ

The FAQ section answers the most common questions related to the game's performance, interface, or problems with beating more difficult stages of the game.

Game mechanics and information

  1. Controller - is it supported? - read this page if you think about using a controller on PC;
  2. Game - is it free? - you are wondering if you will play the game for free? Here you will find the answer;
  3. Single-player - is it available? - do you prefer to play alone? On this page, we have described whether you can play solo;
  4. Mercenaries - are they available? - here you will find information about the mercenaries known from D2 and D3;
  5. Magic Find - is it in the game? - here we described the mechanics known from previous installments of the series.
  6. Chat - how to disable? - if you are irritated by the chat window, you can get rid of it completely or adjust it to your needs.
  7. Chat - how to block and report players? - you can remove players from your chat who send intrusive messages or report their inappropriate behavior.
  8. Clans - how to join? - here we describe how you can join or create a clan.
  9. Clan - how to create? - here you can read how to create your own clan in Diablo Immortal.
  10. Cosmetics - how to use? - find out where to get and how to use cosmetic items (skins).
  11. Cross-play - is it available? - find out how playing in cooperation on two different devices looks like.
  12. Pause - can the game be paused? - find out if it is possible to pause the game when playing solo.
  13. Difficulty level - how to change? - read how to change the difficulty level and get better rewards.
  14. Console version - is it available? - here we write whether the game is available on consoles and mobile devices.

Travel and exploration

  1. Fast travel - how to use? - read how fast travel between checkpoints works in Diablo Immortal.
  2. Autonavigation - how does it work? - the game offers the option of setting up a destination that your character will then reach by themselves. Find out how it works.
  3. Town portal - how to open and use? - learn how to travel via portals and how to open a portal that won't disappear.
  4. Goblins - are they in the game? - little creatures with bags of gold. Learn whether you may encounter them.
  5. Puzzle with 9 lamps - how to solve? - the first of two puzzles in the Library of Zoltun Kulle.
  6. Puzzle with mirrors - how to solve? - in the library, you will find a puzzle with mirrors that reflect a ray. Find the solution here.
  7. Cow Level - is it in the game? - a special level known from previous Diablo games; see if it is present here.

Character progression and items

  1. Combat Rating - how to verify? - Combat Rating is just as important as the player's level - if not more important.
  2. Crests - what are they for? - one of the most valuable items in Diablo Immortal allows you to visit Rifts and obtain Runes.
  3. Items - how to identify? - each Legendary item requires identification - learn how to do it.
  4. Items - how to upgrade? - basic information on upgrading equipment.
  5. Full inventory - where are the items? - what if, while exploring the dungeons, you run out of space in your inventory or forget about the one treasure chest you left for later?
  6. Inventory - can it be upgraded? - increase the capacity of your inventory to visit the Blacksmith less often.
  7. Experience - how to get quickly? - tips for gaining experience (XP) faster.
  8. Legendary items - how to get? - some tips on how to easily get Legendary items.

Crafting and equipment

On these pages, you will find information on how to use crafting items, upgrade your equipment and accessories.

  1. Crafting and upgrading equipment - learn the basics of upgrading your equipment and increasing your Combat Rating.
  2. Essence - special abilities you can infuse items with and obtain from them.
  3. Runes - what are they for and how to use them, as well as how to obtain runes.
  4. Gems - gems are used to upgrade items in your inventory and raise statistics; the Legendary ones change even more things...
  5. Armory and Stash - thanks to the Armory you can create your own "builds" and easily switch between them.
  6. Talismans - here we describe talismans and the things you can do with them.
  7. Crafting materials - find out about the available items for upgrading your equipment and learn how to get them.

Diablo Immortal: Activities

On these pages, you will find a description of the popular repeatable activities in Diablo Immortal, which you will unlock as the story progresses and your player level increases.

  1. Codex and Battle Pass - the Codex is where your progress is saved. You can also claim your Battle Pass rewards here.
  2. Daily routine - on this page, you can read what tasks you can complete every day to maximize your progress and bonuses.
  3. Dungeons - here you can read about the dungeons in Diablo Immortal, which you can visit alone or in a team of 4.
  4. Elder Rift - this is one of the most important activities in the game that allows you to obtain Runes.
  5. Challenge Rift - show that you can build and play a character better than others, and earn rewards for reaching high-ranking positions.
  6. Bounties - the bounties system allows you to quickly level up your character and get some gold.
  7. Bestiary - completing the Bestiary pages is something you will be doing almost the entire game. However, you will have the opportunity to get Legendary items and a lot of experience.
  8. Hidden Lair - lairs available in the world at random times are not easy to find, but they reward you with valuable loot and numerous Crystals.
  9. Battleground - the easiest way to participate in PvP battles.


Here you will find maps of all locations in Diablo Immortal. You will find information about secrets, Exploration achievements and the locations of key bosses:

  1. Map information - Basic information about map events and region rules.
  2. Ashwold Cemetery - map of the first location in the game.
  3. Dark Wood - in this location you will find the first World Boss - Blood Rose.
  4. Shassar Sea - a desert location with easy-to-find Hidden Lairs.
  5. Library of Zoltun Kulle - the most popular location for farming.
  6. Bilefen - a map of the swampy land in Diablo Immortal.
  7. Mount Zavain - map of the location where you can find Lord Martanos.
  8. Frozen Tundra - the only winter map in the game.
  9. Realm of Damnation - the last location in the game, representing Hell.

Diablo Immortal: System requirements

  1. Operating system: Android 5.0 or newer,
  2. Processor: Snapdragon 660/Exynos 9611 and later,
  3. Graphics card: Adreno 512/Mali-G62 MP3 and later,
  4. RAM: 2 GB,
  5. Disk space: around 4 GB.

More information, including the recommended Diablo Immortal for mobile requirements (iOS and PC) and PC can be found on the System requirements page.

Diablo Immortal: Language versions

Diablo Immortal is available in a dozen different languages.

You can read more about them on a separate page of the guide: Language versions.

About Diablo Immortal Guide

Author : Lukasz "Qwert" Telesinski & Patrick Homa for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : May 24, 2022

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Diablo Immortal Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: NetEase
  • publisher: Activision Blizzard
  • platform: PC

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