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My Time at Sandrock Guide, Walkthrough

My Time at Sandrock Guide, Walkthrough

Adventure in the desert My Time at Sandrock, guide, solucja is a full walkthrough, best tips for starting, combat and building. We describe all game mechanics, character stats, items, Commissions, growing plants, character creation and hardware requirements.

Last update: Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The guide to My Time at Sandrock is a complete source of information about the content of the game, offering a wide range of tips to make building, crafting tools and researching much easier. With the walkthrough for all main and side quests, you will easily complete the missions. If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of the game, check out the appendix section, where you will find information on PC system requirements and required disk space.

My Time at Sandrock: Guide's content

The guide opens with a section on the basics of gameplay, including beginner's guide which will help you run the game more efficiently and manage your time and resources. We also describe such mechanics as conducting research at the Research Center, navigating Abandoned Ruins and explain how to deepen relationships with city residents.

In the walkthrough section, you will find walkthroughs for the story missions and side quests available in My Time at Sandrock. We have enriched the descriptions with detailed instructions on how to build the machines necessary to complete certain commisions and what rewards await you for completing missions.

In the FAQ section, you will find answers to frequently asked questions. We discuss creating additional machines along with descriptions of their construction and materials. In addition, you will learn who the Mysterious Man is, how to play the Critters card game, how to upgrade items, and where to get the basic resources for building.

The guide to My Time at Sandrock ends with the appendix section, in which we have included information on the game's technical aspects. You'll learn about the minimum and recommended PC system requirements, how much disk space it takes up, the game's length, and whether the game has accessibility settings.

My Time at Sandrock is currently in early access. Future updates may add new game mechanics and tasks.

My Time at Sandrock: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Review the handbook as often as possible - it contains detailed descriptions on how to build and what components are needed in order to complete each building or item. This is especially important in case of more demanding projects that involve multi-step preparations. The diagrams also inform you where to look for items.
  2. Save the game - although the game has an autosave option, consider saving it manually, as you may want to return to a previous state if an important component is lost.
  3. Don't forget to rest - each game day ends at 3:00. If you are not in bed by that time, your hero will pass out, receiving a penalty to your Stamina bar. It is best to lie down to sleep before midnight, so a bonus to experience gained and damage dealt is received.
  4. Check your clock often - some missions have a limited amount of time to complete, so it is a good idea to stop less important activities and focus on the task at hand. This is especially important for side missions and Commissions, as you cannot repeat them during the same day, and failing to complete a task is penalized with negative Reputation points.
  5. Maintain a supply of items - many activities in the game take time to complete, so be sure to have a few spares of needed items to avoid losing time searching for them. This will lead to less time spent on tasks, and you will be able to craft new items or construct buildings with less time spent on obtaining those less advanced components.
  6. Remove sand from devices - over time, sand builds up on machines, slowing them down and increasing production time. It's a good idea to check the condition of your devices from time to time and clean it so they are running at full capacity.
  7. Increase your inventory space - you may quickly run out of room for resources and items. You can spend money to increase the number of slots in your bag, allowing you to have much more items at the ready. This is much more convenient than constantly getting the ingredients you need at the time from your spare boxes, and allows you to bring back more loot from further trips.

You can find more tips on the following page: Beginner's Guide.

My Time at Sandrock: All main missions, walkthrough

This section will allow you to successfully complete the main missions in My Time at Sandrock.

  1. Welcome to Sandrock - an introduction to the world of My Time at Sandrock.
  2. The New Builder - during this task you will construct your first piece of equipment.
  3. Becoming Official, First Day on the Job - time to register your workshop and accept your first job.
  4. Picking Up the Slack - In this task you will build a Crane Lift, which is the first big assembled item and will grant you access the mine.
  5. On the Shoulders of Buried Giants - in this quest you will meet a researcher Qi who will help you develop schematics for new machines.
  6. The Show Must Go On - your task will be to rebuild a scene destroyed by a sandstorm.
  7. Cover My Glass - during this task, you will repair the glass windows destroyed during Logan's attack on the train.
  8. Pitching It - in this mission, you will help Burgess clean up the oasis area after the visit of the nasty Geeglers.
  9. The Old Man and the Tree - Matilda will convince you to visit Zeke at Moisture Farm.
  10. Moisture Farm Blues - during this complex task, you will help repair the malfunctioning hyrogel system on Zeke's farm.
  11. The Grass is Greener - Zeke will teach you the basics of growing plants and have you sow your first seeds.
  12. Operation De-Geeglate - in this mission, you will join the Cyvil Corps and construct a Suspended Tram Cart.
  13. Belly of the Beast - during this task you will traverse Gecko Station and confront the leader of the Geeglers.
  14. In Trusses We Trust - in this mission, you will begin reconstruction of the damaged bridge and build trusses.
  15. Paradise Lost and Found - Qi will commission you to search for the Strange Power Core located in the ruins of Paradise Lost.
  16. Qi's Gungam Opus - in this task, you will create a Mobile Suit, which will come in handy when repairing the bridge.
  17. Keep on Rockin' - Rockin will commission you to build a Sorting Machine and say goodbye to one of your friends.
  18. The Inspector - during this task, a mysterious man will come to Sandrock, whose life you will be able to save.
  19. Mint Condition - in this task you will create a Magneto Inductive Inspector for Mint, concluding the bridge repair sideplot.
  20. Practice What You Preach - in this mission Burgess will visit you in the workshop and conduct a survey about your well-being after the Geegler attack.
  21. Recipe for Fun - during this mission you will upgrade the Assembly Station and build a Sandrunning Kiosk.
  22. Sandapalooza - in this task you will take part in the opening ceremony of the Sandrunning complex.
  23. Where's Mi-an - during this task you will break into Logan's house to learn the secrets of the criminal.
  24. Out of the Past - in this task you will question various Sandrock inhabitants about their ties to Logan.
  25. Appetite for Construction - during this mission you will rebuild the Water Tower, which was damaged during Logan's attack on the city.

My Time at Sandrock: All Side Missions, walkthrough

In this section, you will find a walkthrough of all side missions in My Time at Sandrock.

  1. Jasmine Co. Official Sandrock Tour - in this task, Jasmine will take you on a short tour around the town and tell you about interesting places.
  2. Combat Training - during this mission, Pen will familiarize you with the basics of fighting during the first sparring match.
  3. The Gift of Water - during this mission, Burgess will visit you and you will increase your water supply in the Water Tank.
  4. Takin' it Easy - this task will allow you to play Whac-a mole and have lunch with Elsie and Mi-an.
  5. Taste of Your Own Medicine - during the mission, you will meet X the raven and his owner Fang, and try some mysterious medicine.
  6. World of Sandfishing - during the quest, you will learn how to create a sandfishing trap and set out for your first fishing.
  7. Mining Time! - Rocky will ask you to extract Copper Ore.
  8. Over the Moon - you will help Owen find the lost Blue Moon Saloon sign.
  9. A Piece of the Past - during this quest, you will recreate your first relic and place it in a museum.
  10. Wanted! - you will help Pen hang out wanted posters for the criminal Logan.
  11. Pedagogy Postponed - in this quest, you will create a Stone Sword And Shield for Burgess, who has lost his weapon.
  12. Instant Karma - during this task, you will help Burgess clean up the sand in front of the church.
  13. Person of Interest - in this task, you will interview a well-known writer about the criminal Logan.
  14. Learning to Ride - Elsie will introduce you to her father Cooper and take you on your first horseback ride.
  15. Keeping Up With the Yakmels - in this side mission, you will help Cooper repair a damaged fence.
  16. Runner-Up - Arvio will ask you to deliver a special package for Owen at The Blue Moon Saloon.
  17. Delivery Trainee - in this mission, you will deliver a special package for Fang.
  18. Delivery Expert - during this task, Arvio will have you deliver a package for Pastor Miguel.
  19. Delivery Master - in the last courier task, you will deliver a package to Vivi at the Tailor Made store.
  20. Ranch Part-time Work - Copper needs your help in weeding around the stables.
  21. Fake Friend - in this task, Cooper will ask you to construct an artificial Yakmel to stop animals escaping from the enclosure.
  22. Who's the Deputy - during this mission you will create a Deputy Cap and attend a ceremony to appoint a new deputy sheriff.
  23. Gone with the Wind - Mort will ask you to create a photo album.
  24. The Moonlighter - in this task, you will deliver Amirah clay for making vessels.
  25. Mutual Misstep - during this mission you will unexpectedly run into Qi while exploring the ruins and help him get back to the surface.
  26. Operation Flowergate - in this mission you will grow flowers and plant them in pots to make the city more hospitable.
  27. Get Conyakted - during this task you will create your own Yakmel Station, which will allow us to travel quickly to the Gecko Station area.
  28. You Spin Me Round - this mission involves repairing a damaged windmill in the desert.
  29. How to Tune your Banjo - in this mission you will build a Cat House for Banjo and place it next to the City Hall.
  30. Excavating the Sky - during this task, given to you by Qi, you'll search for all parts of the Equatorial Mount relic.
  31. A Window to the Cosmos - in this task you will pay a visit to the Gecko Station Ruins in search of Telescope Parts.
  32. A New Look - in this mission you will collect materials to repair the Mobile Suit, which was damaged during the bridge unveiling event.
  33. Big Game Hunter - during this one, you'll help Elsa set a trap for a desert fox and help the animal out.
  34. One More Into the Breach - in this quest, you will go to the ruins of The Breach again to help Grace find important items.
  35. Gift of the Bright Sun - during this task, you will give a gift that will be used in the upcoming holiday.

My Time at Sandrock: Basics

This page of the guide is dedicated to the basics of My Time at Sandrock. Here you'll learn how to successfully search for resources and craft items.

  1. Creating a character - here you will find tips on how to change the hair color and hairstyle of your character, as well as choose the shape of the various features of the face.
  2. Experience, Stats, Attributes - from this page you will learn how to gain EXP, what the different Stats are, how to develop Attributes, and which ones are best to choose.
  3. Commissions - in this part of the guide, we describe how to do Commissions, what they are about and what rewards you can get for completing them. You will also learn how to place your own Ruin Diving Commissions.
  4. Weapons and combat - on this page, we list the types of weapons available to your character as well as tips on how to fight opponents.
  5. Research - in this part of the guide, you will learn how to research new devices and where to get the necessary Data Discs.
  6. Relationships and interactions - this page contains information about Relationship Points and interactions with residents.
  7. Abandoned Ruins - on this page, you will find information on explorating Eufaula Salvege Abandoned Ruins.
  8. The Breach - in this part of the guide, we describe the ruins of The Breach - how to move around the locations and what can be found there. We also give tips on how to prepare for the journey there.
  9. Game Center - on this page, you will learn where the Golden Goose Game Center is located, what mini-games you can play there and learn their rules.
  10. Farming - from this page, you will learn how to grow plants and where to get the necessary materials for this.
  11. Construction Junction - this page is dedicated to Construction Junction, a city service that makes it possible to build new buildings, rearrange already existing machines, and expand the living space of your house.
  12. Characters and romance - on this you will find information about the characters in the game: who they are, where they live, and whether it is possible to romance them.
  13. Calendar and events - this page contains information about the calendar and various holidays that occur in the game periodically.
  14. Cooking - on this page, you will learn how to build Cooking Stations and how the mechanics of cooking food work.
  15. All recipes - on this page, you will find a summary of the recipes you can learn in the game as well as our descriptions of the most popular dishes.
  16. Reputation Points and Workshop Rank - this guide page talks about what Reputation is and how to earn points to reach the top of the ranking.

My Time at Sandrock: FAQ

In this section of the guide, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Among other things, you will learn how to get a horse in My Time at Sandrock and where to get more water.

  1. Fast travel - how to use? - On this page you will learn how to use Yakmel Stations, which are used as fast travel points.
  2. Raw materials - how to get them? - This page explains how and where to obtain raw materials.
  3. Refined materials - how to get them? - On this page, you will learn how to craft or find refined materials, which are needed for more complicated blueprints.
  4. Horse - how to get one? - from this page you will learn how to rent a horse in order to make traversing the desert easier.
  5. Stage Support or Stage Backdrop - which to build? - on this page we describe which construction to build in one story mission.
  6. Sand - how to remove? - here you will learn how to create the Feather Duster necessary to clean sand on your machines.
  7. Critters - how to play? - on this page, you will find the rules of the Critters card game and learn tricks to win with great ease.
  8. Inventory - how to increase? - here we describe how to increase the number of slots in the inventory.
  9. Game speed - how to change it? - you will learn how to change the game speed and what the Game Speed option affects.
  10. Water - where to get? - on this page, we describe how to produce water, what will you need and what can water be used for.
  11. Relics - how to restore? - this page contains information about restoring Relics, and we also describe how to place exhibits in the museum.
  12. Drying Rack - how to build? - from this page, you will learn what is necessary to build a dryer and what it is used for.
  13. Workshop - how to expand? - here you will learn how to expand your workshop and what bonuses are associated with it.
  14. Fire Powered Generator - on this page we supply the instructions that you need to follow in order to build Fire Powered Generator and explain its uses.
  15. Ore Refinery - how to build? - Here you will find tips on how to build an Ore Refinery and once the machine is complete, how to convert raw materials into other materials.
  16. Tailoring Machine - how to build? - On this page we show how to build a Tailoring Machine. We also explain what are its uses and what can be crafted using this machine.
  17. Items - how to upgrade? - On this page, you will learn how to upgrade items at a Refiner.
  18. Jewelry Machine - how to build? - this page show how to build a Primary Jewelry Processing Machine. You will also learn what accessories can be produced with the device.
  19. Blender - how to build? - find information about the Blender machine. You will learn how to build it and what can be created with it.
  20. Mysterious Man - who is he? - this page focuses on the Mysterious Man. You will learn when he visits Sandrock and what you can buy from him.

My Time at Sandrock: PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bits
  2. Processor: Intel Core i3
  3. RAM: 8GB
  4. Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760
  5. Disk space: 20GB

Above, we listed the minimum system requirements. Recommended requirements and more information can be found on: System requirements.

About My Time at Sandrock Guide, Walkthrough

Author : Krzysztof "Kris" Lewandowski for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : June 9, 2022

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

My Time at Sandrock Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Pathea Games
  • publisher: Pathea Games
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, Switch, PS5, XSX

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