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Hitman 2 Guide

Hitman 2 Guide

Murderous precision Hitman 2 Guide and walkthrough contains Beginner's Guide, Trophy Guide, tips and detailed walkthrough for this demanding action game. You will learn about all the variants of completing missions, outfits and avoiding cameras.

Last update: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Our guide to Hitman 2 contains all the necessary information to complete the main campaign in 100%, i.e. discovering and completing all the challenges and finding all the techniques of assassinating the individual targets. It also describes the areas in great detail.

The detailed walkthrough is the guide's biggest chapter. There, you will find accurate descriptions of 6 main story missions/locations. Each location from Hitman 2'sbasic content has a high-quality map on which we marked, e.g. mission objectives, important locations, or useful items. Learning each location is crucial as they are very extensive and offer many different ways of reaching key locations. Another important element of walkthrough for each of the maps are different variants of assassinations for story missions and single challenges - you will find out what requirements they have and how to perform them correctly. The walkthrough is complemented by descriptions of smaller mission objectives (e.g. get some quest item), descriptions of challenges related to mission objectives and exploration, and lists of the best costumes and items.

The second larger chapter is trophy guide to Hitman 2. The game has a lot of trophies and achievements. Their descriptions are divided according to the related locations. We also included descriptions of trophies from Hitman 1 which you can get after importing maps from the previous game.

The main chapters of the guide are mainly complemented by an FAQ chapter from which you will learn, e.g. how to open locks, how to use poison (lethal and rat poison), how to get a sniper rifle or how to smuggle items into heavily guarded areas. We have also prepared information about the controls and PC system requirements of Hitman 2.

Hitman 2: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Use the Instinct Mode as often as possible. It is completely free and unlimited and can help you, e.g. track characters on the map or find important interactive objects. You'll appreciate it when you're hunting for a mission target or when you want to avoid detection by guards.
  2. Explore each new map carefully. Locations in Hitman 2 (except Hawke's Bay) are gigantic. You should never rush assassinations. We recommend that you spend up to several hours exploring each new map to learn its main areas, paths, and ways of getting into restricted areas.
  3. Story Missions make assassinations of mission targets easier. You can follow them to learn about the opportunities, for example, to kill someone in private or in an staged accident. In the game options, you can determine how many tips you want to receive - the game can explain all the steps or only give small hints.
  4. You should try to complete every mission without detection. Setting off an alarm doesn't necessarily mean losing, but Agent 47 may have a lot of trouble defeating enemies in close encounters, and your final note may be significantly worse. Always try to obtain the Silent Assassin rank, i.e. kill the objectives of the mission while remaining undetected and leaving no trace of your presence.
  5. Disguises help significantly in reaching restricted areas. Look for opportunities to stun, for example, guards, service personnel, or VIPs. By wearing their clothes, you can gain access to areas inaccessible to other people. However, you must remember that some enemies may recognize Agent 47 even when he is wearing a disguise - you will see dots above their heads.
  6. Don't let the security cameras see you - this can lead to an alarm and a reduced mission rank. If you've made a mistake and you've been spotted, find the security room on the map to erase all surveillance footage and remove any trace of your presence.
  7. Save the game as often as possible. By selecting the default Normal difficulty level, you can save without limits (this happens on the highest level). Saves are useful when you make a mistake, e.g. when someone saw you kill a person. You should also use different save slots.

Hitman 2: Walkthrough

Our walkthrough of Hitman 2 is divided according to the main maps/locations. Each map offers a wealth of content - you can spend up to a dozen or more hours finding and experiencing unique content. The walkthrough includes maps of locations, main assassination variants, minor mission objectives, and lists of the best items.

Nightcall (Hawke's Bay)

  1. Hawke's Bay Map and mission info
  2. Preparations for arrival of the target
  3. Murdering Alma Reynard
  4. Evacuation
  5. Challenges - Feats
  6. Challenges - Exploration

The Finish Line (Miami)

  1. Miami Map and mission info
  2. Story Missions
  3. Assassination of Sierra Knox
  4. Assasination of Robert Knox
  5. Challenges - Feats
  6. Challenges - Exploration
  7. Escape from the location
  8. Most important outfits
  9. Moses Lee - how to disqualify?
  10. Moses Lee outfit - how to get?
  11. Lethal poison - where to find?
  12. Kronstadt Octane - where to find?

Chasing a Ghost (Mumbai)

  1. Mumbai Map and mission info
  2. Maelstrom - how to identify easily?
  3. Story Missions
  4. Assassinating the Maelstrom
  5. Assassinating Vanya Shah
  6. Assassinating Dawood Rangan
  7. Crows' hideout - how to reach?
  8. Monitoring - where to sabotage?
  9. Lethal poison - where to find?

Three-Headed Serpent (Santa Fortuna)

  1. Santa Fortuna Map and mission info
  2. Story Missions
  3. Assassination of Jorge Franco
  4. Assassination of Rico Delgado
  5. Assassination of Andrea Martinez
  6. Leaving the Santa Fortuna
  7. Lethal poison - where to find?
  8. Monitoring - where to sabotage?
  9. Missing musicians - where are they?

Another Life (Whittleton Creek)

  1. Whittleton Creek Map and mission info
  2. Three clues - where to find?
  3. Story Missions
  4. Assassination of Nolan Cassidy
  5. Assassination of Janus
  6. Leaving Whittleton Creek
  7. Lethal poison - where to find?
  8. Monitoring - where to sabotage?

The Ark Society (Isle of Sgail)

  1. Isle of Sgail Map and mission info
  2. Story Missions
  3. Obtaining first disguise
  4. 10 unique coins - how to get?
  5. Monitoring - where to sabotage?

Bonus missions

  1. The Last Yardbird

Hitman 2: Trophies and platinum

Hitman 2 has a lot of achievements/trophies, but there is no platinum trophy among them. Getting 100% of the trophies can take you a lot of time. We have divided their descriptions according to the locations they are associated with. In addition, we have prepared descriptions of Hitman 1 trophies/achievements - they become available when you import them into Hitman 2 (Legacy missions).

Hitman 2 trophies/achievements

  1. Base Game
  2. Hawke's Bay
  3. Miami
  4. Santa Fortuna
  5. Mumbai
  6. Whittleton Creek
  7. Isle of Sgail
  8. Himmelstein

Hitman Legacy trophies/achievements

  1. Paris
  2. Sapienza
  3. Marrakesh
  4. Bonus Missions
  5. Bangkok
  6. Colorado
  7. Hokkaido

Hitman 2: FAQ

The FAQ section contains answers to some frequently asked questions. These topics will help you complete the missions:

  1. Poison - how to use it? - We explain how to properly use the available poisons to neutralize or eliminate the mission's objectives and other people on the map.
  2. Locks - how to open? - The page provides information on how to deal with locked doors and passages that can be encountered in almost every mission.
  3. Sniper rifle - how to unlock? - We have posted tips on how to get the first sniper rifle, a weapon that will help you eliminate targets from long distances.
  4. Cameras - how to avoid? - Learn how to recognize security cameras and how to effectively avoid their field of view.
  5. Smuggling items - how to do it? - The page explains how to smuggle in items (e.g. weapons, gadgets) to mission locations.

Hitman 2: Guide

On the following pages of the guide, we have discussed in detail the selected gameplay mechanics. We have also posted various tips on exploration, stealth, or rewards you get for completing missions and their challenges.

  1. Difficulty levels - Learn what are the available difficulty levels and the main differences between them.
  2. Challenges - We explain the challenges system, when you can do them, and what rewards are provided for completing them.
  3. Score - We explain what affects the number of points received at the end of the mission and how to improve your scoring.
  4. Preparing for missions and Story Missions - We inform what you have to do to prepare for a mission, as well as what Story Missions are related to specific maps.
  5. Instinct - You'll find out what the so-called Instinct Mode is and how to use it properly.
  6. Combat - We have posted various tips on how to win fights.
  7. Stealth and wearing disguises - Here you will find numerous tips on how to use stealth, what to do with the bodies of eliminated NPCs, and how to properly use disguises.

Hitman 2: Game's length

Your first playthrough of Hitman 2 should take you several hours. However, this is more of an introduction to a thorough exploration of the maps and doing various types of assassinations of missions' targets, which are often separate Story Missions. Completing Hitman 2 in 100% may take you over 100 hours. For more information about the estimated playtime, check out the Game's length page.

Hitman 2: PC system requirements

  1. Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0 GHz
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Graphics card: 2 GB GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870 or better
  4. OS: 64-bit Windows 7 / Windows 10
  5. Disk space: 60 GB
  6. For more information about recommended system requirements, check out the System requirements page.

About Hitman 2 Guide

Author : Patrick "yxu" Homa & Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Hitman 2 Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: IO Interactive
  • publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

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