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Outlast Trials Guide

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Outlast Trials: How to manage your inventory? Outlast Trials guide, walkthrough

In Outlast Trials you have very limited inventory space. On this page of the guide you will learn how to deal with it.

Last update: Thursday, May 18, 2023

This page of The Outlast Trials guide describes how to manage your inventory . We suggest how many items you can carry with you and provide a list of items.

How to manage your inventory?

You must remember that your character can only carry three items. Therefore, you need to manage them properly.

  1. Medicines and batteries are especially important for survival . Therefore, always look for them.
  2. Always have batteries in your inventory . You will find them mainly on shelves and on bodies. They can also often be pulled from traps by the door. If your night vision goggles run out of power, you will practically lose your ability to see in the dark. It will make your exploration difficult.
  3. Pick up the lockpicks. They are definitely rarer than most items and will allow you to get to lockers and first aid kits. As a consequence, they will make it easier for you to obtain medicines.
  4. Dropped items can be picked up . So if you find something that you use right away, you can then take back what you left behind.

You also need to remember that upon dying, you will drop all the items you carry. This also applies to things that are needed for completing the trials, such as keys. So if you are sure that you will die carrying this type of object, it is best to head towards the target for your own convenience.

The game tells you where you died - Outlast Trials: How to manage your inventory? - FAQ - Outlast Trials Guide
The game tells you where you died

Item list

  1. Small medicine - restores a small amount of health.
  2. Large medicine - restores full health.
  3. Antidote - restores sanity.
  4. Small battery - partially charges the night vision device.
  5. Large battery - fully charges the night vision device.
  6. Rig charger - resets the equipment cooldown time.
  7. Lockpick - allows you to open locked cabinets.
  8. Bottle - can be thrown to distract the enemy.
  9. Brick - allows you to stun the enemy.
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