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Darkest Dungeon 2 Guide

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Darkest Dungeon 2: Differences between DD1 vs DD2 Darkest Dungeon 2 guide, tips

On this page of the Darkest Dungeon 2 guide, we outline the differences between the 1st and 2nd installments of the game. We also answer the question if it is necessary to complete Darkest Dungeon 1 in order to understand the storyline.

Last update: Friday, May 19, 2023

On this page of the Darkest Dungeon 2 guide, you will find information about the differences between this and the first part of the game. You will also find out if you need to be familiar with the first game to play the sequel.

Do you have to complete the first game?

You don't have to finish the first game to start playing Darkest Dungeon 2. The game has a fairly shallow storyline, so you don't lose much of the story. Nothing prevents you from completing DD1 at a different time. If you do not know the first part, it can be so much more difficult to know the mechanics of the game - this one, however, changes quite strongly in part two. On the launch day, however, it should be remembered that the first part, due to the numerous DLCs, is a much more extensive position .

Differences and common features

Darkest Dungeon 2 differs significantly from the previous part. However, it also has some common features.


  1. New visuals, more extensive animations.
  2. Instead of exploring the dungeons, you use a stagecoach , which you control by moving around the map and encountering new events and obstacles.
  3. The heroes now have 11 skills to choose from (which first have to be unlocked).
  4. In combat, characters can now use five skills instead of four.
  5. Modifiers removed - e.g. no accuracy modifier: each attack has the same chance to hit (which does not change the fact that an enemy can dodge). Permanent Dodge and Resistance modifiers were also omitted. Instead, a token with rigid modifier changes (i.e. usually 50%: to attack, block, dodge, etc.)
  6. In addition to the elements of Stress and Meltdown , a system of Relationships and Emotions between team members has been introduced.
  7. Instead of a permanent accommodation (like the city of Hamlet in DD1 ), you stop at the Inn every stretch of the road. It replaces the role of both the city and the DD1 Campsite function - you can use the right items to improve your recovery and give yourself some buffs .
  8. Skills can only be upgraded by 1 point with Mastery Points earned in combat - these points are earned during the journey and are shared by the entire team.
  9. Many skills are not dependent on the duration (in turns) and the number of uses (e.g. Riposte, Block ).
  10. There is no way to withdraw from the fight - sometimes you have the option not to fight (if it is a fight marked with a marker on the map, not by bumping into random opponents). However, you cannot abandon the fight once it has started.
  11. You can't abandon the Expedition - once the stagecoach starts moving, all you can do is try to take the safer path. However, you must reach the inn. However, you have no guarantee that you will cure all the injuries at the Inn.
  12. You cannot sell - you use the excess items on a regular basis or throw them away.
  13. Occurrence of mini-games and random modifiers - to unlock new skills, you will sometimes have to complete a mini-game with different gameplay rules. Some boss fights will look similar, in which you will receive a new, unknown modifier and you will have to adapt to the style of the game.

Common features:

  1. You will follow the adventures of the characters known from part one, as well as use their skills (with slight differences).
  2. The basics of the combat system have not changed : 4 heroes in 4 positions, DOT effects, initiative, Life and Stress.
  3. The Heroes can still acquire Quirks and get rid of them in the hospital.
  4. Flame is still a bonus modifier - in DD1 , you could choose not to light your path to increase the threat of enemies, but maximize your profits and find more interesting items. In DD2, the flame gives smaller bonuses to heroes and does not affect profits. If the flame goes out, you will be attacked by the Cultists - you don't want the flame to go out.
  5. Heroes can still die.
  6. Flame - high level has slight bonuses, low level helps opponents.
  7. You still have the ability to use items in combat, and strengthen characters with Trinkets.
  8. The game still requires you to complete the campaign a few times before you can reach the final battles. Over time, the progress will make the game easier in subsequent attempts.

Despite the big differences, DD1 players will quickly learn the new mechanics and it will be much easier for them to start the game. However, thanks to this guide, you can save a lot of time and bad choices to start and continue the game more effectively.

The 3D visuals look nice, keeping the atmosphere similar to the DD1 - Darkest Dungeon 2: Differences between DD1 vs DD2 - Basics - Darkest Dungeon 2 Guide
The 3D visuals look nice, keeping the atmosphere similar to the DD1
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